Gold Loan In Raipur

For anyone who needs to raise quick finance in the capital of Chhattisgarh, IIFL Finance has a specially curated loan product – the gold loan in Raipur. For residents of the city that is home to the ancient Dudhadhari Math, the temple dedicated to Lord Rama, the gold loan is easily accessible due to the easy application procedures and relaxed eligibility criteria. Affordable interest rates and several attractive features makes this loan product from IIFL Finance stand out from among those offered by other money lenders in Raipur.

Features and Benefits of Gold Loan In Raipur

If you are in need of a gold loan in Raipur, it is natural for you to compare the features and benefits of the loan offered by various money lenders and financial institutions to assure yourself that you have secured the best one. Take a look at the most appealing of the several premium features and attractive benefits of the gold loan of IIFL Finance :

Quick Approval and Disbursement

IIFL Finance officials are quick to respond to your completed application. Formalities are completed with the urgency a loan deserves, and time between approval and disbursal is almost lightening quick

No End-Use Restrictions

There are no barriers on how you may use the loan money obtained through the gold loan in Raipur. The only requirement is that the money should not be used to promote any illegal activity.

Minimum Documentation

This gold loan in Raipur comes with only bare necessary paper-work. No lengthy procedures or endless forms to fill.

How To Apply For A Gold Loan in Raipur

Find Your Nearest Branch - IIFL Finance

Walk into any IIFL Gold Loan branch with your gold.

Find Nearest Branch
Documents Required Icon - IIFL Finance

Provide your ID proof, address proof and gold to get an instant approval

Documents Required
Simple Process Calculator - IIFL Finance

Simple process ensures that you get the loan amount

Gold Loan Calculator

Find out the amount you will receive against your gold jewellery
gms kg
Rate Calculated @ / Gm

*The market value of your gold is calculated by taking the 30-day average gold rate of 22-carat gold | The purity of the gold is assumed to be 22 carats.*

*You can avail a maximum loan of up to 75% of the market value of your gold, depending on the quality of the gold.*

0% Processing Fee

For All Gold Loans securities* Apply Before May 1st 2019

Eligibility Criteria to Apply For Gold Loans in Raipur

If you are in need of raising quick capital in the city which is often regarded as one of the best cities to do business, you can be assured that the gold loan in Raipur offered by IIFL Finance does justice to this title. Eligibility criteria of gold loan is easy to meet to avail the loan, and such that it will be as easy to repay the loan and reclaim your valuable family heirlooms:

  1. A person’s age must be between 18 - 70 years

  2. Have a valid Identity and address proof

Documents Required For Gold Loan in Raipur

With gold to offer as collateral, documentation requirements of the gold loan, often considered the best gold loan in Raipur is minimal and easily available with any legal citizen of India. Along with two passport-size photographs, you need a maximum of two more documents, one to prove your identity and one to establish your address. You can choose from among the following undermentioned list of gold loan documents:

Accepted Identity Proof
  • Aadhaar Card
  • Valid Passport
  • PAN Card
  • Valid Driving Licence
  • Voter ID Card
Accepted Address Proof
  • Aadhaar Card
  • Valid Passport
  • Electricity Bill
  • Bank statement
  • Valid Driving Licence
  • Voter ID Card

Why Choose IIFL Gold Loan in Raipur

Anyone looking to raise money to meet an unexpected or unavoidable contingency in this city, and has gold to offer as collateral, will naturally look for the best gold loan in Raipur. Among the several attractive features of the gold loan offered by IIFL Finance, here are just the major and outstanding few:

Highest Loan-to-Value:There are few lenders who will offer you a LTV ratio as high as that of IIFL Finance. The LTV ratio is set at 75%, in keeping with RBI guidelines.

Flexible EMIs:Keeping in mind that those who seek gold loans in Raipur, come from all kinds of backgrounds, loan repayment terms are flexible. Finalise the term of your comfort with your Loan Officer.

Gold Safety: IIFL Finance ensures that your gold is kept with utmost safety and security, so that you can reclaim it without difficulty on repayment of the loan and interest.

Transparency:As one of the leading lenders in the city of Raipur, IIFL Finance loan application and approval process is kept transparent and easily understandable, with no hidden charges.

Why is Gold Loan the Most Feasible Borrowing Mode in Raipur?

Whether you wish to visit other temple towns or need to provide money for a family emergency, the gold loan in Raipur is the most feasible borrowing mode. There are several reasons to make it so. You can avail the loan even if you do not have a credit history. You can also utilize the gold loan in Raipur for any purpose whatsoever as long as that purpose is a lawful one. With gold to offer as a collateral, this loan with no end-use restrictions comes with low and affordable interest rates.

Uses of Loan against Gold in Raipur

The gold loan in Raipur’s most attractive and appealing feature, “NO-End-Use-Restriction” making it the loan of choice during an emergency or contingency, means that the loan can be put to a myriad of uses – so numerous that it is impossible to enumerate all of them. The most common uses are as follows:

Business Expenses -
You can use gold held by you personally to meet expenses of running your business. These expenses could be capital in nature or every day operational ones.
Personal Expenses -
You can use the loan to cater for any personal need such as buying of a laptop to supplementing a home loan or car loan that does not cover your full requirement
Medical Expenses -
The gold loan can be used for any kind of medical expenditure. Use it to pay Doctor’s fees or take your loved one outside the country for specialized treatment not available in India.

IIFL Finance


Gold Loan in Raipur FAQs

The only documents you require are those that prove your identity and your address.

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There are several benefits of taking a gold loan from IIFL are

-Low interest rates

-Quick processing of application

-Transparency of procedures, terms and conditions

-No restrictions on loan usage

-Minimal documentation

-Home Service

-High Loan to Value ratio

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To avail a gold loan from IIFL Finance you need to have gold jewellery or ornaments which have a purity of at least 18 carats

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IIFL Finance has kept the gold loan interest rates as low as possible. These start at 0.99% per month and may increase as per the loan scheme availed.

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