Ahmedabad is one of the biggest business hubs in India, where business activities, including gold, are always on the rise. Gold is one of the most valuable commodities, and people check the gold price in Ahmedabad before buying or selling the gold or applying for a gold loan. Owing to the high volume of gold trading in Ahmedabad, the citizens need to monitor the live gold rate in Ahmedabad regularly to get the best price.

Today 22 Carat and 24 Carat Gold Price Per Gram in Ahmedabad (INR)

Physical gold comes in different purities, such as 18-carat, 20-carat, 22-carat, and 24-carat. The different purities are based on the quality of the gold and highly influence the resulting current gold rate in Ahmedabad with the price of the manufactured jewellery.

Gram 22 Carat Gold Price Today 24 Carat Gold Price Today
Gold rate for 1 gram ₹ 5,564 ₹ 6,842
Gold rate for 10 gram ₹ 55,640 ₹ 68,420
Gold rate for 12 gram ₹ 66,768 ₹ 82,104

Gold Rate in Ahmedabad for last 10 Days

The gold rate in Ahmedabad fluctuates regularly and results in buyers paying different prices for the same quantity of gold in Ahmedabad. Owing to the constant fluctuation, buyers find it difficult to determine whether the gold rate in Ahmedabad will fall or rise in the coming days.

The decision is important to find the best value for the purchased gold. One of the best ways to identify the future price direction is to look at the gold rate for the last ten days. Here is a table comprising the gold prices in Ahmedabad in the last ten days.

Date Gold price 22 Carat Gold price 24 Carat
1 Gram 10 Gram 1 Gram 10 Gram
14-08-2023 ₹ 5,564 ₹ 55,640 ₹ 6,842 ₹ 68,420
13-08-2023 ₹ 5,564 ₹ 55,640 ₹ 6,842 ₹ 68,420
12-08-2023 ₹ 5,564 ₹ 55,640 ₹ 6,842 ₹ 68,420
11-08-2023 ₹ 5,564 ₹ 55,640 ₹ 6,842 ₹ 68,420
10-08-2023 ₹ 5,579 ₹ 55,790 ₹ 5,858 ₹ 58,580
09-08-2023 ₹ 5,604 ₹ 56,040 ₹ 5,884 ₹ 58,840
08-08-2023 ₹ 5,614 ₹ 56,140 ₹ 5,895 ₹ 58,950

Gold Price Calculator in Ahmedabad

Gold should be minimum 0.1 grams

Gold value: ₹ 5,564.00

Gold Rates in Ahmedabad For Different Purities

As physical gold comes in various purities, the price of gold is derived based on its quality and purity. If the gold is of the highest purity, its price will be higher than the gold that is of lower purity. For example, the 24-carat gold rate in Ahmedabad will be higher than the 22-carat gold rate because of the higher purity.

Hence, it is better to analyse the gold rate for different purities to make an informed gold purchasing decision, as the price difference may result in you paying different prices for the same quantity of gold.

What is the Current Trend in the Gold Price in Ahmedabad?

The gold rate in Ahmedabad tends to follow a specific pattern based on how the domestic gold market is doing. The trend is based on the historical gold prices in Ahmedabad and other domestic and international factors. It is important to identify the current trend as it can provide a future price direction for the gold rate in Ahmedabad. However, the trend in Ahmedabad is expected to be positive based on favourable cues.

Monthly and Weekly Trends of Gold Rate in Ahmedabad

Similar to other Indian cities, the gold rate in Ahmedabad also follows a trend derived from past prices, which may stretch to a week or a month. For gold buyers in Ahmedabad, analysing the monthly or weekly trend is important to understand the price direction of the gold rate in Ahmedabad.


Importance of Checking Gold Rates in Ahmedabad Before Buying

Two different buyers of gold in Ahmedabad may pay a separate price for the same quantity of gold if purchased on two particular days. The price difference is based on the constant fluctuations in the gold rate in Ahmedabad. Hence, it becomes important to check the gold rate in Ahmedabad before buying to get the best monetary value for the gold.

Factors That Affect Gold Prices in Ahmedabad

Gold price in Ahmedabad is different on two given days based on the factors in the domestic markets. These factors may be local or international and highly affect the gold rates in Ahmedabad and other Indian cities. For a citizen of Ahmedabad looking to buy gold, it becomes vital to understand these affecting factors as they may highly influence the value of gold. Here are the factors that affect the price of gold in Ahmedabad:

  • Demand and Supply: The demand for gold in Ahmedabad and the consequent supply is an important price-affecting factor. If the demand for gold is higher than the supply, the gold price will rise. On the other hand, if the demand is lower than the supply, the gold price will fall.
  • Geopolitical Situation: Gold is considered a safe commodity by investors who tend to buy more gold during a negative economic situation and when other asset classes have entered a bear market. Such economic or geopolitical situations create price-affecting volatility.
  • Interest Rates: The prevailing interest rates also affect the gold prices in Ahmedabad as they have an inverse relationship with the domestic gold prices. People prefer to buy gold when the interest rates decrease, thereby increasing the demand.

How to Calculate Gold Price In Ahmedabad

The citizens of Ahmedabad, along with other Indian cities, face a common dilemma regarding the price of gold. As the gold price in Ahmedabad fluctuates regularly, gold buyers have to identify the best time to buy gold to get the best value. This can be done by understanding in detail how gold prices are calculated. Listed below as the two methods to calculate the gold price and their formulas:

  1. Purity Method (Percentage): Gold value = (Gold’s purity x weight x gold rate) / 24
  2. Karats Method: Gold value = (Gold’s purity x weight x gold rate) / 100

Although this is a mathematical method, it may seem complex for buyers to calculate the gold price in Ahmedabad. An alternative is to check the gold prices for different purities every day to monitor and analyse the gold prices. Apart from buying and selling gold in Ahmedabad, you can also use these methods and techniques to know its value before applying for a gold loan.

Reasons Why Gold Rates Differ Between Ahmedabad and Other Cities

Numerous factors, domestic and international, affect the gold rates in Ahmedabad and other Indian cities. These factors fluctuate within the Indian cities based on the demand and supply factors. Hence, they result in a price difference where the gold rates are never the same for all the Indian cities. Here are the reasons why gold rates differ in Ahmedabad and other cities:

  1. Import Prices: The jewellers in Ahmedabad import gold from international markets based on the demand for gold in Ahmedabad. Afterwards, they levy a margin over the import prices, which is different from other cities, resulting in a price difference.
  2. Volume: The gold rate in Ahmedabad is different from other cities as the volume for buying and selling gold on a particular day varies in Ahmedabad than in other cities.

Gold Rates in Ahmedabad FAQ’s

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