Exclusion List

  1. The Production of, or Trade in:
    • hazardous chemicals, pharmaceuticals, pesticides and wastes, as specified in the 2004 Stockholm Convention on Persistent Organic Pollutants; the 2004 Rotterdam Convention on the Prior Informed Consent Procedure for Certain Hazardous Chemicals and Pesticides in International Trade; the 1992 Basel Convention on the Control of Transboundary Movements of Hazardous Wastes and their Disposal and WHO Recommended Classification of Pesticides by Hazard Class 1a (extremely hazardous); or 1b (highly hazardous);
    • ozone depleting substances, as specified in the 1999 Montreal Protocol on Substances that Deplete the Ozone Layer;
    • endangered or protected wildlife or wildlife products, as specified in the 1975 Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species or Wild Flora and Fauna;
    • any other product or activity deemed illegal under applicable local or national laws or regulations or subject to internationally agreed phase-outs or bans as defined in global conventions and agreements;
    • arms (i.e. weapons, munitions or nuclear products, primarily designated for military purposes); or
    • radioactive materials (excluding medical equipment, quality control (measurement) equipment and any equipment in which the radioactive source could reasonably be considered to be trivial or adequately shielded).
  2. Production of, use of, or trade in unbonded asbestos fibres.
  3. Unsustainable fishing methods such as blast fishing and drift net fishing in the marine environment using nets in excess of 2.5 kilometres in length.
  4. Prostitution.
  5. Any of the following1:
    • Gambling, gaming casinos and equivalent enterprises
    • Tobacco or Tobacco related products
    • Pornography.

The restrictions in relation to these items applies only to the extent that such activities, products or sectors are, or are intended to be a significant source of revenue being more than 10% of their consolidated balance sheet or earnings.

Except, in the case of tobacco production only, with an appropriate timeframe for phase out.