Gold Loan Calculator

The Online Gold Loan Calculator offered by IIFL Finance is straightforward to use and devoid of any complexities that helps you make well-informed decisions, ensuring that your gold assets serve as a dependable resource for your financial requirements. All we require is the weight of your gold ornaments in grams or kilograms. With this information, along with the current market value and purity of your pledged gold, and considering the loan-to-value ratio, you can determine the loan amount you are eligible for.

Gold Loan Calculator

Find out the amount you will receive against your gold jewellery
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*The market value of your gold is calculated by taking the 30-day average gold rate of 22-carat gold | The purity of the gold is assumed to be 22 carats.*

*You can avail a maximum loan of up to 75% of the market value of your gold, depending on the quality of the gold.*

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How Does Gold Loan Calculator Works?

The Gold Loan Calculator is a user-friendly online tool designed to simplify the loan application process. Here's how it works:

  1. Input Information: Just provide details of the weight of the gold that you wish to pledge. It can be either in grams or kilograms.

  2. Instant Calculation: The calculator processes this information instantly, determining the maximum loan amount you're eligible for based on the gold LTV ratio.

Gold Loan Eligibility Calculation

Gold loan eligibility is determined based on the value and purity of the pledged gold. You can use the IIFL Finance Gold Loan Eligibility Calculator online, which calculates your eligible amount on your pledged gold according to current rates and gold purity. This Gold Loan Eligibility Calculator considers your gold's weight per gram and provides an estimated gold loan eligible amount. It's important to note that the loan amount against your gold won't match the total collateral value. Following RBI guidelines for loan-to-value ratios, the loan amount will be slightly lower than the actual pledge value to minimize lender risks.

Gold Loan Calculator FAQs

A gold loan calculator is a tool used to assess the value of your gold and determine the loan amount you can obtain based on the carat value of the pledged gold. The lender typically holds the applicant's gold jewelry as collateral or security until the loan is completely repaid.

Gold loan is calculated based on the actual market value of the pledged gold. A certain percentage of gold (maximum 75%) of the gold value is offered as loan to the applicant

Gold loan per gram is the amount given as loan for every gram of pledged gold. For example, if IIFL offers Rs 3,504 per gram rate and if you have 100 gms of gold, the offered loan amount will be Rs 3,50,400

IIFL Finance’s gold loan calculator provides the eligible loan amount against the quantity of gold the customer is likely to pledge. It takes the gold per gram rate as per the current market rates to calculate the eligible loan amount on the given gold weights. Following are the steps taken by the gold loan calculator:

Step 1: User enters the Gold Jewelry weight in grams

Step 2: Calculator will display the estimated gold loan amount against the gold weights

The benefits of using a Gold Loan Calculator include estimated loan eligibility calculation, informed financial planning, and the ability to compare loan offers for the best terms.

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