Gold Loan In Panipat

Gold is commodity which appreciates with time. Over the decades Gold Ornaments have been treasured by Indian Households as an asset to fall back on in times of crisis. Investing in Gold for auspicious and religious festivals is quite a common practice in Panipat.

Moreover investors never miss an opportunity to trade in Gold to maximise profits. With a view to cater to all your financial needs, the Panipat Gold Loan offers the lowest interest rates, is attractive and affordable. It also has flexible repayment options and customised Gold Loan schemes.

Features and Benefits of Gold Loan In Panipat

The IIFL Finance gold loan in Panipat is often the loan of choice for investors due to the several outstanding features that make it one of the most suitable credit options during times of financial need. The most outstanding of these features are:

Quick Approval and Disbursal:

Swift loan approval and instant disbursal make IIFL Finance’s Panipat Gold Loan one of the most popular Gold Loans as compared to those offered by other players in the market.

No End-Use Restrictions

There are no restrictions on the end-use of a gold loan. There is complete freedom for the borrower with regard to how he or she will utilise the loan. It is an ideal way to tide through a financial crisis whether it be for higher studies, wedding expenses or a sudden medical emergency.

Minimal paperwork

There is minimal paperwork, no income proof or credit score requirement and faster processing.

How To Apply For A Gold Loan in Panipat

Find Your Nearest Branch - IIFL Finance

Walk into any IIFL Gold Loan branch with your gold.

Find Nearest Branch
Documents Required Icon - IIFL Finance

Provide your ID proof, address proof and gold to get an instant approval

Documents Required
Simple Process Calculator - IIFL Finance

Simple process ensures that you get the loan amount

Gold Loan Calculator (Rates as on 22 May 2024)

Find out the amount you will receive against your gold jewellery
gms kg
Rate Calculated @ / Gm

*The market value of your gold is calculated by taking the 30-day average gold rate of 22-carat gold | The purity of the gold is assumed to be 22 carats.*

*You can avail a maximum loan of up to 75% of the market value of your gold, depending on the quality of the gold.*

0% Processing Fee

For All Gold Loans securities* Apply Before May 1st 2019

Eligibility Criteria to Apply For Gold Loans in Panipat

Gold is offered to persons capable of repaying the loan. To be eligible for the IIFL Finance Gold Loan in Panipat certain basic eligibility criteria needs to be fulfilled to complete the application process.

  1. Anyone who receives a salary as well as self-employed professionals, business owners, traders, farmers, and others are all eligible.

  2. The loan-to-value, or LTV, ratio is capped at 75%, meaning a maximum of 75% of the value of the gold will be given as loan.

  3. Age range should be between 18 to 70.

  4. Gold purity should be between 18 to 22 carats .

Documents Required For Gold Loan in Panipat

You'll need to present specific documents to prove your identification and assure loan procedure transparency in order to get the best gold loan in Panipat:

Aadhaar Card

Valid Passport

Pan Card

Valid Driving Licence

Voter ID Card

Ration Card

Electricity Bill

Salary/Income Proof

Why Choose IIFL Gold Loan in Nagpur

With over twenty-five years of experience and over 60 lakh customers, IIFL Finance has built itself into a trustworthy brand offering several credit products to customers in need of urgent cash. It is often referred to as the best gold loan in Panipat because of the several advantages it offers compared to other lenders. Here are some reasons to consider:

1.High Loan to Value Ratio: IIFL Finance offers a high loan value against the gold deposited as collateral, compared to other lenders. With an LTV of 75% offered, you can get a higher loan against the gold deposited.

2. Flexible EMIs: The IIFL Finance Panipat Gold Loan allows the borrower to choose from Flexible EMI repayment structures. This is best suited for borrowers who do not have a regular income. Based on periodic income the borrower receives, you have an opportunity to choose your repayment scheme.

3.Safety: Pledged gold is not only kept securely in vaults, it is also insured for extra protection and peace of mind.

4.Transparency: Quick disbursal and transparency in the process is what renders the IIFLFinance Panipat Gold Loan the most sought after Gold loan. The process is customer-centric and convenient.



Why is Gold Loan the Most Feasible Borrowing Mode in Panipat?

Home to a variety of manufacturing industries, Panipat it is now renowned as the Textile City or City of Weavers. A global centre for recycling textiles, Panipat is also known as the cast-off capital. Business opportunities which may have taken a backseat due to paucity of funds, can now be realised with the assistance of the Gold loan in Panipat from IIFL Finance simply by pledging your gold.

Uses of Loan against Gold in Panipat

Quick processing and disbursal along with minimal documentation makes the Gold Loan in Panipat offered by IIFL Finance an appealing credit option as compared to other players.

Medical Exigency: 
The Gold Loan can help you tide through a medical crisis when you are running short of funds.
Personal -
Home repairs, higher education, marriage expenses or a holiday with your loved ones.
Business - 
Funding your business start-up or for expansion of your existing business.

IIFL Finance


Gold Loan in Panipat FAQs

Starting at 0.99% per month, the interest of Panipat Gold Loan varies as per the Scheme availed by you.

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The minimum age to apply for a gold loan is 18 years.

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There is an online gold loan calculator available on our website. The market value of your Gold is calculated by taking the 30-day average gold rate of 22 carat gold. Simply enter the weight of gold you have available to pledge in the given field. The approximate loan amount is displayed.

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You can apply for a gold loan in Panipat if you:

1.The age should be 18-70 years

2.possess gold ornaments with purity of 18-22 carats

3.are an entrepreneur/salaried employee/trader/farmer or self-employed professional.

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No guarantor is required to apply for the IIFL Finance Gold Loan.

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