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Ghaziabad is the second most industrialized city in Uttar Pradesh after Kanpur. It enjoys good connectivity by roads and railways and has steel and aero equipment manufacturing industries.

Ghaziabad is particularly well-known for apparel, transportation equipment, dairy products, industrial machinery, ceramics and electrical and electronic goods. The small-scale industry is also a thriving industry in the city.

Owing to this, the city employs people in and around the city. The employed or the self-employed looking to improve their quality of life or expand their business can apply for a gold loan in Ghaziabad. A quick and customized gold loan from IIFL Finance that requires no credit score or income criteria is a perfect solution for the citizens of Ghaziabad.

Features and Benefits of Gold Loan In Ghaziabad

IIFL Finance online gold loan or jewel loan in Ghaziabad has gained popularity as a popular means of raising additional capital. It is a simple and customised gold loan designed to meet the particular needs of the people in Ghaziabad. It does so in the following ways:

Quick Approval and Disbursement

An online application process and minimal documentation requirements facilitate fast approval and disbursal of the gold loan. This way, the customer receives capital even in an emergency, subject to them meeting the other relevant criteria.

Gold is Safe and Secure

The pledged gold is kept in secured steel vaults and is insured against loss or damage. On repaying the loan, the borrower is returned the gold.

Minimum Documentation

IIFL Finance Gold Loan has made it easy for residents of Ghaziabad to raise capital owing to the minimal documentation required.

How To Apply For A Gold Loan in Ghaziabad

Find Your Nearest Branch - IIFL Finance

Walk into any IIFL Gold Loan branch with your gold.

Find Nearest Branch
Documents Required Icon - IIFL Finance

Provide your ID proof, address proof and gold to get an instant approval

Documents Required
Simple Process Calculator - IIFL Finance

Simple process ensures that you get the loan amount

Gold Loan Calculator (Rates as on 24 June 2024)

Find out the amount you will receive against your gold jewellery
gms kg
Rate Calculated @ / Gm

*The market value of your gold is calculated by taking the 30-day average gold rate of 22-carat gold | The purity of the gold is assumed to be 22 carats.*

*You can avail a maximum loan of up to 75% of the market value of your gold, depending on the quality of the gold.*

0% Processing Fee

For All Gold Loans securities* Apply Before May 1st 2019

Eligibility Criteria to Apply For Gold Loans in Ghaziabad

IIFL Finance offers its gold loan to creditworthy borrowers and those with a repayment capacity. To ensure this, we have put in place some gold loan eligibility criteria. While this does not include having high-income criteria or having a sound CIBIL score, IIFL Finance’s Gold Loan eligibility criteria are few and basic. They are as follows:

  1. A person’s age must be between 18 - 70 years

  2. Have a valid Identity and address proof

Documents Required For Gold Loan in Ghaziabad

In order to avail a gold loan in Ghaziabad, you must upload the minimum necessary documents – two passport-size photographs , address proof and identity proof. IIFL Finance has made the process easy for borrowers by providing a list of gold loan documents to choose from:

Accepted Identity Proof
  • Aadhaar Card
  • Valid Passport
  • PAN Card
  • Valid Driving Licence
  • Voter ID Card
Accepted Address Proof
  • Aadhaar Card
  • Valid Passport
  • Electricity Bill
  • Bank statement
  • Valid Driving Licence
  • Voter ID Card

Why Choose IIFL Gold Loan in Ghaziabad

IIFL Finance offers one of the best Gold Loans in Ghaziabad. They are transparent in their operations and do not have hidden charges while providing maximum value for gold. Besides, the Gold Loan in Ghaziabad is customised to meet customers’ specific requirements. The pledged gold is fully insured and stored in vaults. One of the most attractive features of a gold loan in Ghaziabad is the gold loan interest rate, which is among the lowest in the city. Being a secured loan, the lender bears less risk and can offer an affordable interest rate.

Why is Gold Loan the Most Feasible Borrowing Mode in Ghaziabad?

Ghaziabad's manufacturing, small-scale, tourism, and real estate sectors make the industrial city an employment generator for citizens residing in the adjacent areas. The infrastructure of the city is also well-developed.

Owing to its strategic location and excellent connectivity by roads and railways, Ghaziabad has registered a considerable improvement in its local economy. It has prominent steel and aerotech equipment manufacturing companies such as Rathi Ispat Limited, Ghaziabad Ispat Udyog Limited and Aerotech Equipments and Projects Ltd. The Hindon Air Force Station is also located in Ghaziabad.

In a city with diverse economic activity, the need for additional capital is met by an IIFL Finance Gold Loan. The gold loan offers the highest LTV ratio without any CIBIL score requirement and the flexibility to use the loan for personal, business or medical reasons.

Uses of Loan against Gold in Ghaziabad

A Gold Loan in Ghaziabad is a quick way to raise capital even in an emergency owing to the simple documentation and an online application process. Along with this comes the additional feature of flexibility to use the loan amount for any of the following purposes:

Business Expenses -
As a business owner, you can use a gold loan to meet your business needs, such as, operating expenses, buying machinery or paying salaries/rent.
Personal Expenses -
The loan amount can also be used to meet personal expenses such as weddings, education or an expensive vacation.
Medical Expenses -
Particularly useful in meeting medical expenses or any such emergency, the Gold Loan from IIFL Finance is an easy option when finances are stretched.

IIFL Finance


Gold Loan in Ghaziabad FAQs

Any resident of Ghaziabad, who has relevant documents, fulfills the eligibility criteria and can pledge his gold jewellery for capital can apply for a gold loan in Ghaziabad.

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IIFL Finance may charge between 11.88% and 27% per annum for a gold loan in Ghaziabad. This translates to gold loan interest charges of 0.99% per month. However, these rates may vary subject to the value of the loan amount and the repayment frequency.

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The pledged gold and its market value in the physical gold market determine the loan amount one is eligible for. The IIFL Finance website has a gold loan calculator to help you find the eligible loan amount.

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The eligibility criteria as required by IIFL Finance are, the applicant should be an Indian citizen between 18 to 70 years of age; the applicant is working as an employee, is an entrepreneur, a trader, a farmer, or a self-employed professional and can pledge gold ornaments with a purity of 18-22 carats gold.

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