What is Tola and How Much Does One Tola of Gold Weigh in Grams

Tola is the unit of measurement for gold and silver. 1 Tola weighs 10 or 11.7 grams, but many jewellers in india round up to 10 for easy calculation. Learn how to convert & measure.

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What is Tola and How Much Does One Tola of Gold Weigh in Grams

Gold, a timeless treasure cherished across generations, is not just shiny and valuable – it holds historical significance too. But have you ever pondered over the method of measuring this precious metal? Enter the 'Tola,' a unique unit with an intriguing origin. Let's delve into the world of Tolas, uncovering their history, purpose, and role in gold measurement.

What Is A Tola?

A 'Tola' (also spelt as tolah or tole) is an ancient weight measurement introduced in India and South Asia around 1833. Its purpose was to facilitate the fair exchange of grain and precious metals. In today's metric system, 1 Tola equals approximately 11.7 grams. Interestingly, the first Indian Rupee minted during the 16th century nearly equalled one Tola. The British East India Company later standardized the silver Tola at 180 troy grains, solidifying its measurement.

Where Did Tola Come From?

The term 'Tola' has its roots in the Vedic period. It finds its linguistic origin in Sanskrit, where 'Tola' signifies 'balance' or 'scale.' In the past, as trade flourished with commodities like gold and spices, the need for a universal measurement arose. The Tola stepped in to bridge this gap, providing a familiar and equitable measurement standard.

Is A Tola Weight Still Used Today?

While the traditional Tola enjoyed widespread usage until the mid-20th century, adopting the metric system in countries like India and England led to its transformation. Today, the Tola's weight is translated into grams, with the agreed-upon value being 11.7 grams.
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How Many Grams Is 1 Tola Of Gold?

The Tola maintains its relevance in South Asian countries like India, Pakistan, and Nepal, particularly in the realm of gold and precious metals. Although officially 11.7 grams, many Indian jewellers have rounded to 10 grams for easy calculations and understanding. Notably, 1 Tola can be 10 or 11.7 grams, depending on where you purchase it. The UK tends to adhere to the 11.7-gram measurement, while India often leans toward 10 grams.

A Multifaceted Measurement:

The Tola's significance extends beyond its numerical value. It serves as a bridge between varying measurement systems. For instance, while a Tola roughly equals 11.7 grams, it also corresponds to around 180 grains – a measurement frequently used in Western countries. The Tola thus acts as a translator, facilitating communication among diverse measurement practices.

Summing Up The Journey:

The query about the grams in 1 Tola of gold unveils an enthralling voyage through time and culture. Emerging from ancient India, the Tola has left an indelible mark on the realm of gold measurement. Its historical heritage, regional importance, and flexibility persist as it continues to be utilized for gold and other commodities in select corners of the world. The term 'Tola' no longer denotes weight; it encapsulates centuries of history and a shared understanding of measurement.

How Many Grams Is 1 Tola Of Gold?

Quick conversion chart of gram to tola [India]


Tola (India)

1 gram

0.085735 Tola 

10 grams

0.857352 Tola

20 grams

1.714705 Tola

30 grams

2.572057 Tola

40 grams

3.429410 Tola

50 grams

4.286763 Tola

100 grams

8.573526 Tola

200 grams

17.147052 Tola


1- How many grams of gold is equivalent to 1 Tola?
Ans- 1 Tola is equivalent to approximately 11.7 grams of gold. However, Indian jewellers round it out to 10 grams for ease of calculation.

2- Which countries use Tola as a denomination for gold?
Ans- Tola is used as a denomination for gold in countries like India, Pakistan, and Nepal.

3- How much gold loan is given by the bank for 10 Tola gold?

Ans.One tola is 11.7 grams. So, 10 tola is 117 grams. Using the gold loan calculator, one can find the loan amount one is eligible for. The eligible amount depends on the prevailing rate of gold on that day. So, for 117 grams, you may get Rs. 5,12,460 lakh as a loan at a rate of Rs. 4,380/gm as on 26 February 2024.

Q4. Is 10 grams of gold equal to Tola?

Ans. The Tola is still used in South Asia as a metric for gold and precious metals. It is generally accepted that 1 Tola gold gram in India equals 11.7 grams. But, for the sake of simplicity in calculations, many Indian jewellers generally round it down to 10 grams. 

Q5. What is 8 grams of gold called?

Ans. Similar to a Tola, there is another metric for gold- one Pavan. It is commonly used in the Indian gold industry and is also called a ‘sovereign’. One sovereign or pavan equals 7.98805 grams, but to make the trades easier, the value is rounded to 8 grams. 

Q6. How do you convert Gram to Tola?

Ans. To convert Gram to Tola, we must follow the metric that answers the question ‘1 tola is equal to how many grams?’. As per the measure, ‘1 Tola = 11.6638 Grams’. Accordingly, one gram will be equal to-

1 Gram = 1/11.6638 Tola = 0.085735 Tola.

Q7. What is Tola in English?

Ans. Tola is a unit of weight or mass used to measure gold in the Indian market. It is equal to 180 grains troy, where the ‘troy’ is a unit of mass fixed at 0.064 grams as per the metric system. 

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