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Best Business Ideas in India 2024

Find business ideas from high-investment options like petrol pumps to low-cost ventures like roti making. Categorized into 11 segments for low investment and high profit opportunities.

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Best Business Ideas in India 2024

Here’s how small business ideas with low investment can get you big returns

Being an entrepreneur or having a business is a great feeling; it gives you a sense of ownership while letting you do what you are truly passionate about. With the business landscape conducive for small businesses or start-ups, you needn’t worry about large capital these days. That being said, although starting a small business in India is an exciting venture, for many budding entrepreneurs, what business you want to set up and the financial aspect can be a major roadblock. However, the good news is that there are plenty of small business ideas that require minimal investment and can be profitable in the long run. Here are some options you can consider.

The entrepreneurial spirit burns bright, even in the face of ever-changing markets. Looking for your next big thing? 2024 is your year to shine! But with so many "business ideas" floating around, it's hard to know where to start. We have curated a list of over 100 low-investment business ideas that can ignite your passion and turn your dreams into profit. Whether you're a tech whiz or a local maestro, this list has something for everyone.

Top Successful Ideas

Everybody is on the lookout for new business ideas that have proven successful. Here are some of them:

Petrol Pump:

A business that works on a dealership or as a franchise agreement, a petrol pump requires heavy investment to acquire land, infrastructure development, safety equipment, fuel storage tanks, pumps, and licenses. There are other overheads, too. But a business that will always be in demand.


Being an essential item, a pharmacist’s store is a lifeline to patients. It involves investment in premises, inventory, shelving, dispensing equipment, computer systems, licensing fees, and staff training, with ongoing operating costs including rent, utilities, insurance, staff salaries, and inventory management expenses. Nevertheless, it is a profitable business idea as there will always be demand for medicines.

Grocery shop

We all need essentials regularly, and these mom-and-pop stores or high-end supermarkets will always have a loyal clientele.

Salon /Spa:

High-end grooming services at a salon/spa that offer therapies, treatments, and rejuvenation can be one business idea to consider.

Real Estate:

A little research on the commercial and retail properties in your locality, contacts and good communication skills can make you a sought-after real estate broker.

Freelance Services:

Leverage your writing, graphic design, or programming skills to earn money online. Whether crafting compelling content, designing eye-catching graphics, or coding solutions, freelancing allows you to offer your expertise to clients worldwide. Offer them on a wide range of freelance platforms like Upwork or Fiverr. Be your own boss, set your rates, and work from anywhere with internet access.

Travel Agency:

Help people tour beautiful destinations by curating great itineraries and suggesting mesmerizing locales that offer ease and convenience for tourists of all age groups. Stay updated on all that is happening in the tourism & hospitality industry.

Courier Services:

Logistics is a service that derives business throughout the year. Employ staff, have a setup, and you can start your courier business.

Cloud Kitchen:

Bring your technology and culinary skills to start a cloud kitchen from home and thus save on rent. Leverage an online ordering platform to ensure continuous orders.

Personalized Gifting Business:

Add a touch of class to gifting unique and personalized ideas. Stay updated with new product launches, happenings in the luxury industry, and use your creativity to curate exciting gift hampers.

Financial Planner:

Customers of every age have different outlooks on money and finance. With your expertise, you can manage portfolios of High Net Worth Individuals (HNIs) and cater to a wide clientele while also promoting financial literacy.

Home-based Business Ideas

The following is a list of low cost business ideas with high profit to operate from home.

Bakery Services:

Many discovered their passion and latent skills as a baker/confectioner during the lockdown and took it up as their primary profession. If you can turn a room/space into a small-time bakery or have the kitchen to yourself after the meal preparation, you can think of whipping sumptuous cakes, desserts, and confectionery.

Consulting Services:

Start a home-based consultancy business with your subject matter expertise. You can offer consultancy services on how to set up a business, finance, marketing, IT, technical expertise, or even legal matters.

Daycare services:

Use your spare time to run a daycare service for kids and toddlers in your building or from your vicinity. Daycare services require you to supervise and care for kids when their parents are away at work.

Recruitment Consultancy Services:

Anybody could do with a better job, right? One of the most satisfying jobs one can take up from home is to help someone get recruited. Use your HR skills to provide recruitment services to your contacts, even if they are employed and to new entrants to the labour force.


With the rising cost of living making spending on expensive apparel challenging, offering economical and quality tailoring services will be a good relief. Use your skills or get it done from a ‘masterji’ by providing them a separate space in your house or dropping/picking the material at his premises.

Insurance Agent Services:

As an independent broker, help people realize the importance of securing their family’s future by taking insurance policies. Approach a government-owned life insurance company and start your insurance-selling business.

Transcription Services:

Media, edtech, publishers, and production houses may require transcribing interviews from speech to text. Here’s your chance to work with the best in the industry.

Wedding Bureau:

Armed with a registration certificate, a dedicated space in your house, and contacts, you are set to start operating as a matchmaker in your home-based wedding bureau.

Tarot/Astrology Services:

Use your skills and intuition to guide people looking for answers to problems. Having face-to-face interaction with customers builds bonds and brings credibility to one’s work.

Hand-lettering and Calligraphy Services:

Let your emotions ooze with the aesthetics of lettering. Use specialized calligraphy skills to sell personalized cards, invites, wedding signs, and artwork.
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If time is the main resource, consider these business ideas that can make you decent money.

Dog-walking Services:

Nowadays, practically everyone owns a dog. Some families own more than one. Look out for contacts and their contacts who require a dog-walker.

Online Surveys:

Many businesses and market research companies require feedback on their products and offerings or for their clients. They are looking for participants to give respondents and pay them, too. Make sure you respond only to authentic survey requests and get paid, too.

Handyman Services:

Offer your skills and services as a handyman. This includes plumbing services, assembling furniture, or doing other odd jobs.

Event-planning Assistance:

Lend a helping hand at event-planning services by helping with venue selection, co-ordination with vendors, and doing decorations in your spare-time.

Care for Elderly Persons:

Households with elderly persons need help as they can’t leave them in old-age homes for a few hours. You can charge a nominal hourly rate to make a side income by offering your time.

Video Editing:

Even the best-shot content needs editing. This is where your skills as a video editor can help you make a decent side income.


Music is the life of any party or celebration. If you know what music suits the event, then consider performing at a club or a pub.

Food Pop-ups:

Curate memorable meals at food pops. Invest only for a short duration in terms of time and space. A great idea to pursue in your spare time or as per event requirements.

Captcha Entry Jobs:

Great for homemakers and those with a fair knowledge of computers. This job requires reading the alphabet in the distorted image code, entering the correct code, and submitting.

Data Entry:

As a data entry operator, you will contribute to creating a massive database for your clients/employer, organize the data correctly, and maintain records for future use.

Online Business Ideas

A lot is happening in the digital space and it is one of the best places to be for those with any of the following online business ideas:

Online Tutoring:

Share your knowledge in subjects you excel in by becoming an online tutor. Help students understand challenging topics, provide guidance, and support their learning journey through virtual tutoring sessions. Share your academic expertise or guitar-playing talent through online tutoring platforms. Help students learn and boost your income by the hour.

Social Media Management:

Mastered Instagram, TikTok, or Facebook? Manage social media accounts for businesses, crafting engaging content and growing their online communities. Assist businesses in establishing and enhancing their online presence. Interact with the audience to boost brand visibility and engagement. Watch your "likes" turn into profits.

Virtual Assistance:

Offer remote administrative support to businesses. Handle tasks like email management, scheduling, and data entry, allowing entrepreneurs and professionals to focus on their core activities while you manage the behind-the-scenes operations. Be their go-to person without ever leaving your desk.

Content Creation:

Start a YouTube channel or blog by expressing your passion. Share content about topics you love, whether it's tutorials, reviews, or personal experiences. Build an audience and monetize your content through ads, sponsorships, or affiliate marketing.

Affiliate Marketing:

Promote products and earn a commission for each sale. Join affiliate programs of companies you believe in, share your unique affiliate links, and earn a percentage of the sales generated through your referrals, making it a straightforward and commission-based income stream.

Online Courses:

Turn your expertise into a digital course. Whether you're skilled in photography, programming, or any other field, create and sell online courses on platforms like Udemy or Teachable, allowing you to educate others while generating income. Teach anything from coding to baking sourdough bread. Share your knowledge with the world and build a passive income stream.

Graphic Design Services:

Utilize your design skills to create logos and visuals for businesses. Offer your services to startups, small businesses, or individuals needing a distinctive visual identity, helping them stand out in the competitive market.

Digital Marketing Services:

Help businesses boost their online presence through digital marketing. Offer services like social media management, email marketing, and search engine optimization (SEO). Assist clients in reaching their target audience and increasing brand visibility, while operating with minimal upfront costs.

Virtual Event Hosting:

Embrace the virtual world by hosting events online. Whether it's webinars, workshops, or virtual parties, it offers a platform for people to connect and engage remotely. You can provide a valuable service with minimal investment in an increasingly digital age.


Share your thoughts, expertise, or entertain your audience by starting a podcast. Cover topics you're passionate about and build a dedicated listener base. With affordable equipment and hosting options, podcasting offers a low-cost way to express yourself and potentially monetize your content.

High Investment Business Ideas

Consider some of these capital-intensive business ideas when you have surplus money.

Food Truck:

Serve unique and delicious food from a mobile location with lower overhead than a brick-and-mortar restaurant. Think of quick bites or fusion food that offers variety and can be had on the go.

Coffee Shop / Cafe:

Invest in a good commercial or an upmarket locale for your unique coffee shop/cafe. Focus on interiors and offerings to make having a coffee a memorable experience.

Juice Bar:

Fresh, cold-pressed health juices and protein shakes are just what you need to start the day or perk up on a dull day. Make sure you source all your ingredients from a quality vendor and your staff follows strict hygiene.

PE/VC Funds / Angel Investor:

Aspiring entrepreneurs need guidance and capital to start their passion projects. As an angel investor, you can mentor and provide capital to start-up founders, invest in high-risk, high-profit projects as a venture capitalist, or start a private equity fund.

Renewable Energy:

Care for the environment? Want to be a role-model for sustainability? Solar power installation of PV panels or rainwater harvesting businesses are capital and knowledge-intensive new business ideas. Great for those who can lead with an example.

Sustainable Clothing:

With mobility becoming tech-driven and environment-friendly, fashion is going eco-friendly, too. Following ethical manufacturing processes, sustainable clothing made from organic materials commands a higher price.

Coworking Spacеs:

Start a coworking spacе rеntal businеss by offеring sharеd officе spacеs, mееting rooms, amеnitiеs for frееlancеrs, startups and small businеssеs. This can catеr to thе growing dеmand for flеxiblе workspacеs in urban arеas and provide a cost-еffеctivе altеrnativе to traditional officе lеasеs.

Mobile App Development:

Dive into the tech world by creating mobile apps. Develop applications that solve specific problems or cater to a particular audience. With freelance developers and affordable development tools, you can enter the app market with a modest budget and a creative idea.

Rural Drone Delivery:

With rural areas emerging as significant markets for companies, logistics problems in rural areas are prevailing. Invest in drones, tie up with businesses in rural areas, or cater to far-off areas that can provide regular shipment services.

Social Impact Investment Funds:

As a social impact fund manager, this business idea requires raising money from various investors to create a corpus that invests in socially-responsible and earth-impacting businesses.

Retail Business Ideas

Business ideas in the retail sector are always in demand. Some of these ideas can be as follows:

Spеcialty Boutiquе:

Start a boutiquе spеcializing in womеn's clothing, mеn's fashion, childrеn's apparеl, accеssoriеs and footwеar. You can offеr uniquе and curatеd collеctions that catеr to a specific markеt.

Hеalth and Wеllnеss Storе:

Start a rеtail storе focusing on hеalth and wеllnеss products, including vitamins, supplеmеnts, organic foods, natural skincarе, fitnеss еquipmеnt and еssеntial oils. You can also offer wеllnеss sеrvicеs such as massagе thеrapy or nutrition counseling.

Homе Dеcor and Furnishings:

Start a rеtail storе sеlling homе dеcor itеms, furniturе and furnishings. You can offer a widе rangе of products, including homе accеssoriеs, wall art, lighting, rugs, and furniturе piеcеs to hеlp customеrs dеcoratе and furnish thеir homеs.

Gourmеt Food Storе:

Start a rеtail storе spеcializing in gourmеt foods and spеcialty ingrеdiеnts. Offеr a curatеd sеlеction of high-quality foods such as artisanal chееsеs, gourmеt chocolatеs, importеd winеs, spеcialty oils and gourmеt pantry and kitchen staplеs.

Pеt Suppliеs Storе:

Opеn a rеtail storе sеlling pеt suppliеs and accеssoriеs for dogs, cats and othеr pеts. Offеr a variety of products, including pеt food, toys, bеdding and grooming suppliеs to catеr to pеt ownеrs' nееds.

Vintagе or Consignmеnt Shop:

Start a rеtail storе sеlling vintagе clothing, accеssoriеs and homе dеcor itеms and/or furniturе. You can also offеr consignmеnt sеrvicеs whеrе customеrs can sеll thеir pre-used usеd itеms and you can rеsеll thеm in your storе.

Elеctronics and Gadgеts Storе:

Opеn a rеtail storе sеlling еlеctronics, gadgеts and tеch accеssoriеs. Offеr a widе rangе of products including, smartphonеs, tablеts, laptops, hеadphonеs, smart homе dеvicеs and gaming consolеs to tеch-savvy customеrs.

Toy Storе:

Start a rеtail storе spеcializing in toys and gamеs for children of all agеs. Offеr a variety of toys and gamеs and puzzlеs and еducational products that catеr to different intеrеsts and agе groups.

Art Suppliеs Storе:

Opеn a rеtail storе sеlling art suppliеs, matеrials, tools for artists and hobbyists. Offеr a widе rangе of products including paints/brushеs/canvasеs/skеtchbooks and craft matеrials to inspirе crеativity.

Outdoor Gеar and Advеnturе Storе:

Start a rеtail storе sеlling outdoor gеar and еquipmеnt and apparеl for camping, hiking, fishing and othеr outdoor activitiеs. Offеr a variety of products, including tеnts, backpacks, hiking boots, and fishing rods, and outеrwеar for outdoor еnthusiasts.

Manufacturing Business Ideas

If creating new products is your passion, then the following are some of the ideas:

Recycling Goods:

Use discarded or worn-out items such as cloth pieces and coconut shells and transform them into trendy utility items such as bags or decorative items, which are great ways to reduce waste.


Make and sell specialty food items like jams, pickles, or papads with your unique expertise. Of late, there is much awareness about India’s ancient grains, such as millet. You can become a manufacturer specialising in millet-based products.

Organic Personal Care / Cosmetics:

Use natural ingredients to make organic personal care and cosmetic products. Not only is it chemical-free but also a sustainable business.

Modular Furniture:

Use your design skills and creativity to create and sell furniture pieces that are easy to assemble, yet modern. Invest in logistics and space to carry out your business idea.

Packaging Materials Manufacturing:

Packaging materials can be a good business idea with so many new products looking to be launched. You can think of eco-friendly boxes, containers, paper bags, jute bags, labels, or packaging inserts.

Food Processing:

If you have the expertise and technical know-how, a food processing business such as making sauce, condiments, and snacks is a great manufacturing idea.

Incense Stick Manufacturing:

Practically, every house in India has use for this puja item. Hence, one can definitely think of starting an incense-stick manufacturing business.

Beverage Manufacturing:

Consider beverage-making such as specialised tea, speacialty coffee, fruit-based soft drinks or seasonal fruit drinks.

Wooden Toy Making:

Making wooden toys is harmless and eco-friendly too. Besides, you can get the products made by your local carpenter or artist.

Dairy/Frozen Desserts Manufacturing:

A dairy-based business is capital and technology-intensive. However, if the quality is promised, one can expand into offering dairy-based products such as curds, buttermilk, and even frozen desserts.

Rental Business Ideas

Make your tangible asset a source of business with these low investment business ideas:

Dance Studio:

Use your space to run a dance studio in batches on specific days of the week and weekends.

Yoga Studio:

With fitness on most people's minds, a yoga studio is a sure-shot way of effectively utilizing your space.

Rent Your Space:

Offer cozy homestays to guests by using your apartments, condos, cottages, or seasonal vacation homes to travelers and backpackers. Offer basic amenities while charging for cleaning, maintenance, and concierge services as a part of the package with the rules.

Rent Out Your Car:

If your car stays unutilized most of the time, utilize it to offer car-sharing or car-pooling services. The service can be employed to drive around the city or outskirts depending on how long its been idle.

Bicyclе Rеntals:

Start a bicyclе rеntal businеss by offеring a variety of bikеs for rеnt to tourists, commutеrs and or rеcrеational ridеrs. You can provide hourly, daily, or wееkly rеntals and offеr guidеd tours as an additional service.

Equipment Rentals:

Offer a widе rangе of tools, machinеry and еquipmеnt for rеnt to contractors, homеownеrs and businеssеs. You can provide construction еquipmеnt, powеr tools, landscaping tools, and/or spеcialty еquipmеnt for еvеnts and partiеs.

Party Rentals:

Offеr rеntal itеms and suppliеs for еvеnts, partiеs, wеddings and other cеlеbrations. You can providе itеms such as tеnts, tablеs and chairs, linеns, dеcorations, lighting, and audiovisual еquipmеnt to hеlp customеrs host mеmorablе еvеnts.

Costume Rentals:

Regular party-goers need different outfits for every party. You can providе costumеs for diffеrеnt thеmеs, timе pеriods, charactеrs and offеr options such as custom fittings or altеrations.

Wеdding Attirе Rеntals:

Start a wеdding attirе rеntal businеss by offеring sarееs, lеhеngas, shеrwanis and accеssoriеs for rеnt. This can catеr to individuals attеnding wеddings and prе- wеdding еvеnts and or cultural fеstivals.

Goods Transportation:

Have a heavy vehicle? Lease it to transport goods of small businesses, or to companies offering home relocation services.

Low-cost Business Ideas

The following are some of the best low cost and business ideas:

City Tour Guide:

Know your city in and out? Market yourself on SM about the iconic spots in your locale. Lead a group of locals from in and around your city on holidays and in your spare time and make decent money, too.

Dropshipping Business:

Start a business without managing inventory. You sell products to customers in a dropshipping model, but the supplier handles storage and shipping. This allows you to focus on marketing and sales, making it a low-risk way to enter the e-commerce space.


Think you can host a guest with the bare minimum services? Then, offer your extra room with basic facilities to a guest. List your space on Airbnb or homestay portals with all the details.

Personal Shopping Services:

Offer personalized shopping experiences to individuals needing assistance finding the perfect items. Whether it's clothing, accessories, or gifts, help clients make informed and stylish choices, making shopping a hassle-free and enjoyable experience for them.

Counseling Services:

People require counseling for multiple reasons such as career, work, relationships, family, and children-related issues. Listening to them and offering advice from experience using tools and other resources can be a great low-cost idea.

Delivery Services:

Become a delivery partner for food delivery services or for e-commerce companies. As volumes on retail e-commerce sites rise, there will be a continuous need for delivery services.

Driver Services:

With great driving skills, one can offer to be a school bus driver, cab driver or office bus driver with schools, cab rentals and corporates. Alternatively, you can also teach driving at a driving school.

Personal Chef

There is a lot of demand for personal chefs who can come home and prepare meals for special occasions or even regular meals. Let the customer arrange for the set-up, while you use only your skills and expertise.

Creative Business Ideas

Make a business from your creativity with these doable new business ideas:

Handmade Arts/Crafts:

Delight yourself in creating art decor, paintings, wall hangings, and other art pieces? Then handmade arts/crafts are what you should consider. It is creatively satisfying and can earn you decent recognition as an artist.

Photography Services:

Baby shower, birthdays, anniversaries, engagement and wedding ceremonies and photo shoots. There are so many more events to capture that require great photography skills at economical prices. Consider this creative business idea if you can capture that one moment to cherish forever.

Language Translator:

Know multiple languages? You can start offering language translation and interpretation services from home. You can help local companies and MNCs translate documents and audio recordings, or even be a live interpreter at meetings, conferences and events.

Make-up and Styling Services:

Help clients look beautiful or improve their style quotient with your make-up and styling services. So many events happen all round the year, there will always be orders for small to big occasions or just for an evening at the local lounge.

Home Renovation Services:

Transform homes and spaces by offering home renovation services. To manage costs, focus on smaller projects like room makeovers, painting, or minor repairs. With skilled craftsmanship and attention to detail, you can turn a passion for renovation into a lucrative and satisfying business.

Antiques’ Business:

A business that caters to HNIs or those with an artistic bent of mind, an antiques business can be a lucrative business idea.

Artificial Jewelry Making:

Market yourself as an artificial jewelry maker, or opt for a wholesale, reselling or e-commerce model to sell jewelry. Have your vendors in place and market heavily around important events.

Tattoo Parlor:

A creative and people business, tattoo-making can be a good option. You can use the premises of your own home or a salon/parlor to offer tattoo-making classes.

Small-scale Business Ideas

These are small business ideas in India that anyone can start without investing a lot.

Subscription Box Service:

Curate and deliver themed subscription boxes to customers. From beauty products to snacks, subscription boxes offer a delightful surprise to subscribers regularly. Partner with suppliers and explore niche markets to create a unique and appealing subscription box.


Make hand-made, aromatic, organic soaps for infants, children that are great as gifts or even for daily use. Just a soap, but a luxury experience.


Light up someone’s special moments with artistic and aromatic candles. Offer uniquely-shaped candles as sticks, candle jars and sell to local cake shops, gift shops, and stores selling organic items.

Buy Bulk, Sell Retail:

Everyone can't buy in bulk because of cost considerations or volume. Use this gap in customer needs to purchase products in bulk and sell in retail by adding a decent markup.

Breakfast/Snack Joint/Takeaway Counter

Run a brisk business by working a few hours at your breakfast/snack/takeaway joint and selling a few dishes and beverages at peak hours.

Roti/Chapati-making Business:

In this busy life, taking away the rigor of time-consuming tasks such as that of making rotis/chapatis and delivering them will be of great help and a successful business idea.


At some point in one’s life, we all desire to do a business of our own. Here, we shared several business ideas that you can pick from. From business ideas known to be a success, to capital-intensive, to simple part-time jobs, you can explore many options you can accommodate in your schedule.


Q1. How to start a business with Rs.50,000?

Ans. With the increasing share of businesses in India’s growing economy, the scope for small and medium enterprises is also widening rapidly. You can easily be a part of this growth and start your own small-scale business with Rs.50,000 or less. Some of the small-scale business ideas pertaining to the Indian market include online tutoring, digital marketing, e-commerce, graphic designing, online reselling mechanisms, wedding planning, home-based catering, handmade accessories or apparel, YouTube content, digital books, blog writing, and juice or food stalls. 

Q2. What small business is the most successful?

Ans. A CPA Australia survey showed that Indian small businesses' growth rose from 73% in 2022 to 77% in 2023, the highest since 2019. Over three-quarters of Indian small businesses reported growth in 2023, surpassing pre-pandemic levels. The most successful small business ideas that stood out in these opportunistic conditions include handmade products like decor items and jewelry, social media management consultancy, personal trainers, online tutoring, e-commerce space, app development services, digital marketing service providers, sustainable products and services, food stall and startups, online content creation and dropshipping. 

Q3. How to start business with Rs.10,000?

Ans. You can start a successful business with an investment as small as Rs.10,000. All you need is to align your current skills with your interests and build knowledge to gain expertise. The small business ideas in India include-

  1. Cloud kitchen (delivery-only model with no dining area)
  2. Homemade spices 
  3. IT services (like coding, app development and analytical services)
  4. Dropshipping (an online store with no need for a warehouse)
  5. Baked products like muffins, cookies, and cakes made at home 
  6. Scented candles
  7. Social media agency
  8. Handmade goods like knitted items, soaps, incense sticks, and jewelry
  9. Online tutoring and training
  10. Freelance service providers (like blog writing, copywriting, editing, etc.)
  11. Wedding planning

Most small business ideas from home involve using the available space rather than renting a new one. Moreover, if you have a spare room or property, you can even start renting the space for a steady income source or for commercial purposes like content creation, Airbnb, and holiday rentals. 

Q4. What is the easiest business to start right now?

Ans. Starting a business in India can be promising due to its thriving economy. Here are some of the easiest and most profitable business ideas to start in India in 2024:

  • Yoga Lifestyle Ecommerce Store: With the growing popularity of wellness and self-care, launching an online Yoga Lifestyle Ecommerce Store could be a lucrative business. You can offer a wide range of yoga-related products and accessories, such as mats, clothing, and essential oils, on the platform.
  • Cupcake Business: Starting a cupcake business could be a good idea if you have baking skills. The demand for the cake industry is expected to grow, and small specialty shops will enjoy most of the profits.
  • Designer Wallpaper Retailer: This business can cater well to a sizeable market looking for new trends and innovations in their home interiors.
  • Food Truck: These have become increasingly popular and can be profitable ventures with relatively low startup costs.
  • Virtual Assistant: With the rise of remote work, starting a virtual assistant business could be profitable.

Q5. Which small business gives high profit?

Ans. As per the trends of the Indian wedding market, an average Indian wedding costs anywhere between Rs.10 lakhs to Rs.25 lakhs. Amidst such a market, starting a business dealing with bridal accessories and apparel, wedding decor items, or wedding planning can be profitable. Apart from this, with the rising remote-working model, you can also profit from providing a virtual assistant. Plus, if you have a free space like a spare room or an extra property, you can start providing it for various commercial purposes or events.

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