A Guide to store your Gold the right way

Like all high value items, gold require special care when it comes to storage & keeping it safe. Follow our tips to safeguard your precious metal from theft, tarnishing & more.

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A Guide to store your Gold the right way

Investing in precious metals, such as gold, is a wise choice. There has been a proven track record of financial stability for these assets, and that trend does not appear to be changing anytime soon. However, many investors fail to consider the difficulty of storing this precious metal.

Here are some tips on how to store gold safely.

1. Don’t Tell Everyone About Your Gold Savings

It is critical to be careful who you tell about your gold savings. The more people you include, the greater the likelihood that someone will share it without your consent.

However, you must have one confidante who knows where you store your savings. If you fail, your family members cannot access your savings, even if you suffer an illness, accident, or die. Not appointing a nominee defeats the purpose of buying and storing gold to preserve and protect your family's wealth.

2. Diversify The Storage Method

Diversifying your storage plan is one of the best ways to reduce theft risks. Store your gold in multiple locations, such as safety boxes, bank lockers, the safe in your home, etc., instead of all in one place. Some investors even store part of their investments at home and the rest in a vault or a gold storage box to diversify their storage methods.

3. Don't Be Afraid To Get Creative With Storage

Put your creativity to work and think outside the box to store your gold. You may find the following tips valuable:

• Nothing Obvious:

Do not use fake cookie jars or carved-out books; they’re too obvious. You should place it somewhere so an electrician, gardener, plumber, or domestic helper won't stumble upon it.
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• Three Layers Deep:

A burglar usually looks for things they can grab and run. It is best to store your gold three layers deep. It could be a floor safe covered with floorboards and carpet over it.

• Think Like A Thief:

Imagine yourself as a thief; how long would it take to find a particular hiding spot if you were a desperate burglar? Based on the answer, choose the appropriate storage spot.

4. Use A Fake Safe

Decoy, or fake, safes are a good investment for homeowners with considerable wealth in their homes. Invest in a smaller safe and store some extraneous jewellery or coins there. It's all about making the thief think he's got your valuables.

5. Install Cameras And Alarms

Video recording and monitoring are particularly crucial if you have a lot of gold ornaments or items in your home. Ultimately, they may not prevent theft, but they would provide evidence that you can leverage in a court of law.

6. Use Safe Deposit Boxes

It's one of the most convenient ways to store gold. A safe deposit box at your local bank offers more security compared to keeping gold at home. The method is ideal for bullion, rare and collectable coins, and expensive jewellery.

7. Store In A Secure Vault

As opposed to a safe deposit box, a secure vault offers direct ownership and accessibility, as well as high protection and insurance. Several companies provide vault storage services. Before you select a company to care for your gold, make sure you research the company thoroughly.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What is better than a safe deposit box?
Ans. Private vaults are a better alternative to safe deposits. Their superior security, optional total anonymity, and biometric security measures offer the utmost peace of mind.

Q2. Is it safe to store gold at home?
Ans. Keeping your gold at home is a good idea if you follow the safety measures listed above.

Q3. What is the best way to store gold?

Ans. Keeping your gold safe and sound is crucial. Whether it's gold bars, coins, or precious jewelry, proper storage protects it from damage, theft, and even tarnishing. If you are looking for the best ways how to store gold jewellery, here are two options worth considering:

  • For smaller quantities and easy access, a home safe can be suitable if you invest in a high-quality, fireproof model and prioritize home security.
  • For larger quantities or maximum security, a safe deposit box or private vault offers the best protection, although it comes with less immediate access and potentially higher costs.

Q4. Where is the best place to keep your gold safe?

  • 1. Invest in a high-quality, fire-resistant safe with a digital combination lock. This is a good option for smaller quantities of gold. When considering how to store gold jewellery at home, a fireproof safe is also ideal.
  • 2. Both safes and deposit boxes offer some protection against fire and theft, making them good options for how to store gold and how to store gold jewellery at home.
  • 3. Deposit box at a bank: This is one of the most preferred options in terms of safety. However, remember that access will be limited only within banking hours.
  • 4. Safety deposit at a private vault: Not only do they offer a high level of security, but some of them also have climate control adjustments, which protect your valuable asset from tarnishing.

Q5. Where should I keep gold at home?

Ans. Here's how to store gold jewellery at home:

  • Store each piece in its own pouch or box to prevent tangles and scratches.
  • Wrap delicate pieces in soft cloth for added protection.
  • Choose a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight and humidity, such as a drawer or shelf inside a closet. Bathrooms are a no-go due to moisture.
  • Invest in a high-quality, fire-resistant safe for additional security, especially for valuable pieces.

Q6. Should you keep physical gold?

Ans. This depends on your investment goals and risk tolerance. Physical gold offers a hedge against inflation and economic uncertainty, but it also comes with storage and security concerns. Consider diversifying your portfolio with other assets alongside physical gold.

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