How To Calculate Gold Loan EMI

The Equated Monthly Installments schedule is the most popular repayment system for gold loan. Read on to know how to calculate gold loan EMI at IIFL finance.

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How To Calculate Gold Loan EMI

Indians cherish the possession of gold and use it during auspicious occasions. Almost every Indian household stores a modest amount of gold in the locker. The yellow metal is more than just a pricey item gifted to them by their elders or passed down from their ancestors. Gold possession is the saviour during an urgent economic crunch.

Gold-based loans have existed for the longest time. However, they weren't the safest as there were no governing bodies, and people lost their assets. Later, banks started giving gold loans with the security that the borrower would receive their assets after completing the tenure. Non-Banking Financial Corporations (NBFCs) have also entered the picture and offer competitive interest rates on gold loans.

Gold loans offer several repayment systems, such as the bullet system, partial payment system, and others. The Equated Monthly Installments (EMI) schedule is the most popular repayment system. Let's examine how to calculate EMI for a gold loan.

What Is A Gold Loan EMI?

EMI or Equated Monthly Installment is the payment system where the borrower has to pay a certain amount in a uniform monthly format. The monthly installments include a sum of principal and interest amount.

It is the most common repayment pattern as it helps borrowers manage funds better. The bank or NBFCs set the EMI schedule. In gold loans, the borrower can choose other payment options too. In the same EMI format, the borrower can pick to pay only the interest amount and repay the principal at the end of the loan tenure.

How To Calculate EMI For A Gold Loan?

The gold loan EMIs include the principal and interest amount. However, mathematically, the formula to calculate gold loan EMI is much more complex.

A = P x R x [(1+R)n / {(1+R)n -1}]

Here, A represents equated monthly installments, P represents the principal amount, R represents the interest rate, and n represents time or total tenure.

The formula will help you determine the gold loan EMI manually. However, there may be errors in determining the amount without a gold EMI calculator. An EMI calculator on a gold loan can help you predict a more accurate result. Therefore, most lenders have gold loan EMI calculators online. Additionally, several websites can help calculate gold loan EMIs. The bank where you plan to take the loan will also help you understand the EMI calculation.

What Are The Factors Influencing The Gold Loan EMI?

The factors that affect the gold loan EMI calculation are as follows.

1. Loan Amount

The loan amount relies on the requirement or the quantity of gold the borrower pledges. Therefore, the EMI will be proportionately more if you want a bigger loan.

2. Loan Tenure

The loan tenure is another crucial factor affecting the gold loan EMI. If you have taken a loan for a short tenure, the EMI will be relatively less than a smaller loan for a longer tenure.

3. Rate Of Interest

The rate of interest primarily affects the EMI. Some banks and NBFCs offer competitive rates. Therefore, going through a top gold loan financial institution, like IIFL Finance, is essential.

4. Collateral

You can reduce the interest by adding more collateral. Consequently, the reduced interest rate can reduce the total amount due for repayment.

Calculate Your EMIs And Apply For A Gold Loan With IIFL Finance

IIFL offers gold loans involving minimal paperwork. IIFL offers affordable interest rates and adaptable repayment arrangements for short-term gold loans. Additionally, we guarantee the security of your collateralised physical gold until you make the necessary repayment.

A gold loan has never been simpler to obtain! Simply walk into one of our branches in India, complete an e-KYC form, and receive loan approval in less than 30 minutes.


Q1. Which does not qualify for a gold loan?
Ans. For gold loans, banks do not consider jewels or any other metal alloy as a part of the eligible loan amount. You can get a gold loan against gold coins or any other pure gold item if they are 99.99% pure and under 50 g in weight.

Q2. How frequently can I take the gold loan?
Ans. When you have fully repaid the loan amount, you meet the requirements for a gold loan and are eligible to recover the same gold for use in the future. Any type of gold, including ornaments made of gold, can be mortgaged endlessly.

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