Things That Do Not Reflect In A Credit Score

Credit reports are snapshots of your financial position. Read the article that will help to understand the things a CIBIL report won't tell you but have some weightage.

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Things That Do Not Reflect In A Credit Score
Credit reports are snapshots of your financial position. It shows your current credit accounts, how you deal with debt, and how often you inquire about credit. It also allows lenders to make a credit decision on your loan or credit card application based on your borrowing capacity and creditworthiness.

However, although credit reports contain all information relevant to determining your credit score and financial standing, they are not exhaustive. There are some things you cannot or won't learn from your credit report. This article discusses what is not included in your credit score in detail.

What Is Not Included In A Credit Report?

1. Savings and Investment Data

Your credit report will not show any information about your savings or investment accounts, regardless of whether they belong to a member credit institution. These include your fixed deposit, current deposit, and trading accounts. Your CIBIL report only examines your credit history and status, not your savings or income sources.

2. Utility Bills

Credit reports will not include information about payments or non-payments of utility bills such as telephone bills, electricity bills, etc. They will not appear even if you use your online bank account to pay them.

However, it can appear on your credit report if you have not paid your utility bills for a prolonged period and if your utility firm forwards your details to a collection agency.

3. Spouse’s Credit Information

Your credit report does not include the credit information of your spouse. Your credit report only reflects your credit information, regardless of whether you are married.

4. Your Employment Status

There will be no information about your employment on your credit report. The report may contain their names if you mention your current or past employer when applying for credit. It still won’t include your employment duration.

5. Your Salary

There is no information about your income in your CIBIL credit report. You may not find any information about your net worth or earning capacity in your credit report. However, an AI-based credit report may include your salary and employment details if you apply for credit through institutions using an AI-based credit scoring system.

6. Interest Rates Of Your Other Borrowings

The interest rates of loans acquiring elsewhere do not appear on your credit report. Credit reports do not account for interest rates as long as you repay old loans.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What components reflect on a credit report?
Ans. A credit report contains information about you, your credit accounts, your credit inquiries, and public records about your credit use.

Q2. Do credit reports show bank accounts?
Ans. You will not find your account balances or transactions on the credit reports of national credit bureaus.

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