Top 10 Side Business Ideas For Ladies in India

Many women with an entrepreneurial mindset do not know what business to start. Know the top 10 side business ideas for women only at IIFL finance.

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Top 10 Side Business Ideas For Ladies in India

During the last few decades, India has seen a remarkable increase in women entrepreneurs. As a result of their entrepreneurial skills, women are now entering almost every industry and sector.

Still, many women with an entrepreneurial mindset do not venture into business because they don't know what to start. This article highlights some of the most important business ideas for women.

Top 10 Business Ideas For Women In India

1. Online Bakery Business

One of India's most successful and lucrative small enterprises is the online food business. You can open a bakery, share homemade recipes and earn money if you enjoy baking. It's easy to start this low-cost business from your kitchen. A few ingredients and an oven are all you need.

2. Daycare or Pre-School

Starting a daycare business from home has proven to be one of the most successful small business ideas for women. You will need a love for children, an eye for details, and to childproof your home for this home business idea to succeed.

3. Catering/Tiffin Business

As young people leave their hometowns and move to other cities, the demand for food delivery services is increasing. Eating out every day is certainly not a good idea. Home-cooked food is therefore in demand, and women can set up successful catering or tiffin businesses from their homes.

4. Freelancing

Become a freelancer if you have strong skills in content writing, graphic design, and web design or have the ability to use Photoshop and Illustrator. This avenue is a great business for ladies with low investment.

5. Yoga Studio

The rise in trend toward living a healthier lifestyle can make a home yoga studio a profitable business. With minimal investment and knowledge of yoga, one can set up a thriving yoga studio.

6. Event Planner

Women are already excellent organizers and planners. These qualities make event planning even more attractive as a side business idea for ladies. As part of this job, you need to multitask and coordinate effectively with other departments. It is also essential to contact decorators, caterers, DJs, florists, photographers, and other professionals in advance.

7. Beauty Salons

A home beauty parlour has proven to be a successful business model for many women. It is possible to start a small beauty parlour or a unisex salon by investing little money in a business setup.

8. Blogger

Women or mothers who stay at home can try their hand at blogging as a business. You can create a website and write articles about anything that interests you. Once you have enough visitors each month, you can start earning.

9. Home Tutoring

Women can provide home and online tutoring by teaching subjects of their proficiency. Registering the home tutoring business will add credibility to its authenticity and the quality of your coaching.

10. Bridal Store

In the clothing industry, bridal stores are one of the hottest retail opportunities. Choosing the right niche and offering products in a wide price range are the most critical aspects of this business.

Fund Your Business With IIFL Finance Business Loans

If you lack the capital necessary to start your next business venture, getting an online business loan from IIFL Finance can be the ideal source of funds for your new business. Small and medium businesses can use these loans to meet all their capital needs.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q1. When starting a business, what are the things you need to consider?
Ans. While planning to launch a business venture, women should keep the following three points in mind:
a. Picking a business
b. Creating a business plan
c. Establishing a budget

Q2. What is an example of a side hustle?
Ans. Blogging, freelancing, tutoring, and making and selling handicrafts are examples of side businesses.

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