When A Digital Business Loan Makes Good Business Sense

Learn the benefits of digital business loans and also when a digital loan makes good business sense. Read this guide by IIFL Finance to know more!

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When A Digital Business Loan Makes Good Business Sense

Every business, small or big, needs credit from time to time. Business loans are a good way to fund a shortfall in working capital or for any other business process like buying raw materials or paying salaries or creditors, for which it may not have enough money, or setting up a new factory and other such activities that are aimed at expanding the business in the long run.

In these hurried times, when everything moves at breakneck speed, time is at a premium. If anything, if there is one thing a business owner cannot have enough of, it is time. This is especially true of small businesses, where owners play multiple roles including those of the chief executive officer, chief finance officer, chief technology officer, chief sales and marketing officer, HR head and so on.

This is where a digital business loan becomes even more important as it offers a quick and easy way to borrow money for the enterprise. Here is how a digital business loan can help entrepreneurs and their enterprises.

Fast and Convenient

Most large banks, especially private-sector banks, as well as non-banking finance companies (NBFCs) and new-age fintech lenders offer digital business loans to help enterprises gain access to the financial capital they require quickly and easily.

Many lenders have set up digital lending platforms, such as websites and mobile applications, to help speed up the process of application and disbursement of business loans. Such platforms help business owners who do not have the time or the energy to fill out lengthy application forms or even submit copious paperwork, expedite the process.

Quick Application, Minimal Documentation

Most lenders allow for a quick and hassle-free application process when it comes to a digital business loan. A business owner has to provide basic information about the business and upload all the necessary paperwork.

Typically, most lenders need minimal paperwork or documentation while processing a digital business loan application, as against a conventional loan product, which will typically need copious amounts of paperwork to be completed. For most lenders, a business and personal income tax return and some form of ID proof, like a driver’s license or a passport, should suffice to process a digital business loan.

Quick Processing

Less paperwork as well as an online process means the time taken to process the application is much shorter and so the entire process becomes much quicker. Digital business loans, therefore, score a march over conventional products in how quickly these business loan applications can be processed.

The loans once approved, are quickly disbursed into the borrower’s company account. Moreover, the repayment process can be equally quick.


A digital business loan can really help a business owner or enterprise get the required capital quickly and in a hassle-free manner with minimal paperwork.

However, business owners looking to take out a quick business loan must be cautious to avoid frauds that are increasing in the digital world. They should only borrow from a well-known and trusted lender such as IIFL Finance, one of India’s largest NBFCs.

IIFL Finance comes with an impeccable reputation that few others can match and so, a business owner looking to take out a loan need not worry about the lender’s credentials and the safety of the lending platform.

IIFL Finance has some of the most robust digital systems that make the entire process of availing a business loan a breeze.

Not only can you apply online, the entire process can be completed from anywhere and you can submit all the necessary paperwork right from the comfort of your home. Moreover, IIFL Finance continues to hold its own when it comes to offering the best interest rates in the market.

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