How To Calculate The Interest Rate For A Gold Loan

While availing a gold loan from a lender, there are a few factors that affect interest rate. Here are the key factors you should know before you avail gold loan!

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How To Calculate The Interest Rate For A Gold Loan

Gold loans are one of the most convenient loan products during emergency financial needs. However, before taking a gold loan, it is better that you know all the details about the gold loan beforehand, especially the interest rate. Some formulas and tools can help you calculate the gold loan interest rate even before taking the gold loan.

The formula to calculate the interest rate on Gold Loans

Interest rates on gold loans determine the extra amount you will have to pay at the time of gold loan repayment. Here is how you can calculate the interest on gold loans manually by using the following formula:

Gold Loan EMI = P x r x (1+r) n / [(1+r) n-1)]

Where, E = Equal monthly installments
P = Principal amount
r = Rate of interest
and n = Tenure (in months)

Let’s say that you want to take a gold loan of Rs 5 lakh (P), with an interest rate (r) of 15% and a loan tenure (n) of 2 years. You can calculate the gold loan interest rate by putting the figures in the above formula:

EMI = 5,00,000 x 15%/12 x (1+15%/12)^2/((1+15%/12)^2-1)
EMI = Rs 24,243

Gold Loan Calculator

The above formula can prove to be complex for a typical borrower. Hence, using a gold loan calculator is easier to determine gold interest rates. You need to enter basic information such as the desired loan amount, the loan tenure and the applicable interest rate to calculate the monthly EMI obligations without using the complex formula.

Caveat Emptor

Here are the five things you should know about calculating the gold loan interest rates:

Loan Amount:

The higher the loan amount, the higher the interest rates.

Type Of Interest Rate:

Interest rates can be fixed or fluctuating, which can result in higher or lower gold interest rates depending on the value of the gold.

The Loan Tenure:

Loan tenure determines the time to repay the loan amount. The higher the loan tenure, the lower the gold loan interest rates.

Financial Entity:

The financial entity from where you take the gold loan should be experienced and reputed to ensure better features and offers to benefit the borrower.

Loan Calculators:

You can use loan calculators to determine the gold loan interest rates beforehand to adjust your loan amount and tenure.


Gold loans are one of the most effective financial products a gold owner can utilize to raise immediate capital. However, it is necessary to understand the interest rate calculation on a gold loan to determine the repayment amount and whether it would affect your finances drastically.


Q.1: Are the gold loan calculators accurate? Do financial institutions provide the same interest that comes up on the calculator?
Ans: Yes. Gold loans are tremendously precise, and the lender provides the same interest depending on whether the factors in the loan calculator remain the same.

Q.2: Should I calculate the interest rate for a gold loan beforehand?
Ans: Yes, it will allow you to adjust the loan amount and the tenure accordingly.

Q.3: Does the interest rate on gold loans keep fluctuating?
Ans: If there is no fixed interest rate, it will fluctuate after regular intervals.

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