Tips To Have A 'Feel-Good' Home

Positive spaces at home enhances mindset and helps to cope with life’s transitions. A peaceful and healthy space works as a positive catalyst during times of breakups, bad jobs, and physical moves etc.

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Tips To Have A 'Feel-Good' Home

Home has a strong influence on the mindset of an individual. The positive environment at home plays a significant role during the ups and downs of life. The room around you affects your mood and defines your lifestyle. A cluttered room might have a negative aspect on your mood while a colorful may bring joys to life. To make your space a happy place, the following pointers could be kept in mind:

Soothing Sounds:

Music has a healing effect on the mind and soul. Playing or singing soothing and uplifting music circulates happy energy in the house. Metal accessories that make a pleasing sound can be put in a room.

Avoid Overcrowding:

While designing your home, try to keep a minimalistic approach in the choice of art. One line drawings and simple silhouettes are great options.

Right Color Combination:

Colour of walls play an important role in uplifting moods of occupants. Warm, lift and soft cream colors enhance friendlier behavior among those living in the house.

  • Red Symbolizes power & passion, can be used to create warmth & intimacy
  • Orange: An accent of orange can be used in the room to add energy & innovation
  • Blue: Promotes calmness, tranquility & freshness
  • Purple: Best defines luxury & royalness
  • Green: Has a soothing effect on mind and body
  • Yellow: Best for study/living room as it enhances creativity & happiness

Keeping Plants in Room:

The green color is associated with creative thinking. Having plants inside the home promotes energy and vitality. Plants also regulate room temperature and air quality thus improving life of occupants.

Higher Ceiling:

Rooms with higher ceiling appear spacious as compared to rooms with a low ceiling. Ceiling height impacts mental space and environment of an individual. It has been observed that occupants in a room with higher ceiling have a better mood and focus at work.

There can be numerous ways to enhance positive space in your home and cope with life transitions. A peaceful and healthy space works as a positive catalyst during times of breakups, bad jobs, and physical moves etc.


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