Easy Ways To Celebrate Green Ganeshotsav

Ganeshotsav is one of the most popular festivals in India that spreads joy among communities and bringing them together. Here are some easy ways to celebrate Green Ganeshotsav

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Easy Ways To Celebrate Green Ganeshotsav

Ganeshotsav is one of the most popular festivals in India that spreads joy among communities and bringing them together. It is a festival we all look forward to as it is filled with lots of music, dance, revelry, and lip-smacking modaks that we can’t resist.

While the festival continues to be celebrated with much enthusiasm year after year, the way is celebrated has caused a lot of harm to the nature. The aquatic bodies and marine life have been the biggest causalities of the hazardous chemicals used in decorating the idol, rampant use of Plaster of Paris as the material for idols, and immersion of the decorations in these water bodies. 

It is high time that we must do our bit to avoid adverse impact on the environment and we can do it without compromising on the festivities.

Here are a few simple ways to celebrate that are eco-friendly and you can still enjoy your very own ‘Ganpati Bappa Morya’.


Plaster of Paris idols look pretty good considering the smooth texture the material affords, bright colours and the ability of POP to be moulded into perfect shapes. However, POP is one of the biggest contributors to water pollution causing harm to the beautiful flora and fauna. 

Go for natural, biodegradable materials like clay and eco-friendly materials instead. Biodegradable materials are the best choice as they neither pollute water nor the surroundings after immersion and there are even various varieties to choose from. 

Clay Ganesha

Ganesh idols made up of Shadu clay. This is a form of clay that disintegrates easily in water and should be considered if you are looking for a colourful, eco-friendly Ganesh idol. Persuade the idol maker to use eco-friendly colours.

Tree Ganesha

This idol is made out of Shadu clay, Soil, tree seeds and fertilizers. When a person waters the idol instead of immersing it, the statue dissolves into mud and the seeds grow into plants.

Sprouts Ganesha

This idol is made up of Fish food so when you immerse the idol into the water bodies, the idol disintegrates and becomes a cool buffet for the fish.

Cow dung Ganesha

This greener method of producing Ganesha idols can be immersed easily in lakes, and can also act as manure for plants


Many of you still love the beauty of POP idols over eco-friendly idols and would have ordered those already. However, you can still contribute towards the environment in some simple ways.

Artificial immersion tank

Make use of artificial water tanks for immersion of your idol, instead of a lake or the sea. You can utilize any government-created artificial ponds or you can create your own at your home. Just use a bucket or tub, fill the same with water and flowers and carry out the immersion as you do.

Green Decoration

Avoid thermocol – it is a big NO. Make use of eco-friendly materials for your decoration. Use paper, recycled cardboard, bamboo sticks and real flowers for your decoration. Make small changes in the procession for the immersion that you carry out.

  • Avoid big dhols & loudspeakers and thus avoid noise pollution. If you want to play music, play it at a low volume.
  • Use bio-degradable items like banana leaves for prasad
  • Use paper-bags / cloth bags to carry and shop for supplies for the festivities
  • Use natural colours for rangoli


We as responsible citizens should understand the importance of eco-friendly celebration and should spread this message in our circles. Form a green community for your society Sarvajanik Ganeshotsav and ensure that the procession and the festivities are carried out in an eco-friendly manner. 

If we want to continue celebrating this auspicious festival, we need to act now. Join the “Green Ganeshotsav” mission of IIFL Finance and spread the word by sharing this article on your social media accounts.

God loves nature, the trees, the animals, and you. It’s your turn now to do the same.

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