Best Ways To Plan Home Loan Down Payment

Efficient planning of down- payment can help with smooth EMIs, hassle-free ROI and convenient home-loan repayment. Read on to know more about home loan down payment.

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Best Ways To Plan Home Loan Down Payment

Buying a home is an event which marks a significant milestone in an individual’s life. It takes years of planning before booking a home. With the availability of home loan at competitive interest rates, it is now easier to own a home today. Home buyers can pay a part of the property’s value as down payment and pay the remaining amount in convenient EMIs.  

Home loan is a convenient way to own a home today. If a buyer has a good CIBIL score and meets home loan eligibility requirements, then he/she can easily apply for a home loan. Apart from EMIs, down payment plays an important factor while buying a new home. Efficient planning of down payment can ensure hassle-free home loan repayment process.

Here are a few ways in which you can plan your home loan down payment:

  • Mutual Fund investments: Home buyers can choose right portfolio and timeline to make mutual fund investments. This can be used to get good returns to plan home loan down payment.
  • Partial withdrawal of Pension Fund: Employed home buyers can make use of their EPF (Employees’ Provident Fund) or PPF (Public Provident Funds). Buyers can partially withdraw their PF to plan home loan down payment.
  • Savings: Savings could be used for home loan down payment, given that they are sufficient emergency funds in place for unforeseen contingencies.
  • Amount recovered from selling previous house: Amount recovered from sale of previous home can be efficiently used to fund the down-payment cost of new house.


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