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At IIFL Finance, we truly believe in the values of honesty and transparency. Our customers form the center of our universe. This belief is reflected in our approach of adopting 'Seedhi Baat'. Our focus is on keeping our loan products simple, ensuring transparency and displaying unwavering commitment to the customers. Because a financial solution makes sense in the most uncomplicated way - the 'Seedhi Baat' way.here

Understand Our Logos

Understand Our Logos Nine Triangles of Sri Yantra

In Hindu mythology, the nine interlocked triangles that surround and radiate from the center (bindu) symbolize the highest, the invisible and elusive core from which the entire ­figures and cosmos expand.

Our brand represents a cosmos in itself, where two worlds meet. One, where we together strive to grow and expand and the other, where we strive to make possibilities infi­nite for our customers.

It is the confluence of these two thoughts, represented by the age old symbol of converging powers that stands as the face of our brand.