Digital Finance Interest Rates & Charges

This product is offered to customers through aggregators in the e-commerce space. The process is simple and loan is processed very quickly. Given below is the list of fees and charges for Digital Finance:
Rate of Interest:

12% - 44% p.a.

Loan Processing Charges:

Upto 10 % +GST*


Upto 4 % +GST*

PENAL / DEFAULT CHARGES: (To be charged in case of any failure to make timely payments)

24% p.a. +GST (if applicable)

Nach / e-mandate bounce Charges (In Rupees):

500/ + GST (if applicable)

Bank Swapping Charges

Rs.500 + GST (If applicable)

Other Charges (NESL Reporting)

As Applicable*+ GST

These charges shall be charged annually in accordance with the fee schedule provided by NESL and are subject to change by NESL
Document Charges + GST (in Rupees)

Upto 3.5 % Loan + GST*

*Only applicable for Loan serviced by Lendingkart Finance Limited

*Note: All charges, interest, tax, fee, GST and all other imposts, taxes, levies etc. as prescribed by any statutory/regulatory bodies from time to time shall be solely borne by the borrower. The above mentioned charges, fees, GST etc are as on date of the loan agreement and other transaction documents and the charges above stated are subject to change from time to time.