IIFL JITO Ahimsa Run Breaks World Record For Peace Campaign With Highest Pledges
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IIFL JITO Ahimsa Run Breaks World Record For Peace Campaign With Highest Pledges

1 Apr, 2023, 05:56 IST
IIFL JITO Ahimsa Run breaks world record for peace campaign with highest pledges

NEW DELHI: The Jain International Trade Organization (JITO), through its ladies’ wing, has organised the IIFL JITO Ahimsa Run, to be held on April 2 across 70 locations in India, to spread the message of peace, unity, and nonviolence. The initiative has received support and recognition from prominent public figures, including President Droupadi Murmu and Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

World record

The Guinness World Records title was awarded to the IIFL JITO Ahimsa Run for receiving the highest number of pledges for a peace campaign in one week.

The initiative received 70,728 pledges during the stipulated period of March 16-23.

Additionally, the run aims to set another world record by taking place simultaneously in 70 locations, surpassing the previous Guinness World Record title held by a Russian organisation that held a run in 49 locations simultaneously.

Priceless gift of Jain philosophy: President Murmu

JITO ladies' wing chairperson Sangeeta Lalwani, along with JITO Apex president Abhaya Srisrimal Jain and JITO Apex chairman Sukhraj Nahar, received the Guinness World Record certificate on March 31 in Mumbai.

In a video message, President Murmu said that adopting the ideals of peace and nonviolence is all the more necessary in today’s global circumstances and that these ideas are a priceless gift of Jain philosophy and Indian tradition to the world community.

The President added that she was particularly happy to note that this event is being run by women. "It gives me great pleasure to see the increasing participation of women in various fields in recent years," she added.

In a letter, PM Modi said: “The teachings of the revered Jain Tirthankaras have been a driving force in building a better nation, by spreading the message of peace, non-violence, harmony, brotherhood and compassion.” “The ‘Ahimsa Run organised by JITO is yet another commendable initiative that brings together people from different walks of life,” he added.

The Ahimsa Run's primary objective is to raise awareness of peace, especially for younger generations, and remind the world of the teachings of Mahatma Gandhi and Lord Mahavir, who stressed the importance of nonviolence, brotherhood, and compassion. The thousands of people from all over the world who will walk and run together for peace is a testament to the human spirit's resilience and ability to work towards a common goal, said the organisation.