Automations boon is better customer service, lesser cost: Shiju Rawther of IIFL
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Automations boon is better customer service, lesser cost: Shiju Rawther of IIFL

Leading the path of technology at IIFL Group, A Shiju Rawther talks to ETCIO about how automation helps him achieve business goal with reduced cost.
8 Aug, 2019, 09:20 IST | Mumbai, India
Automations boon is better customer service, lesser cost: Shiju Rawther of IIFL

In a freewheeling conversation with ETCIO, A Shiju Rawther, a newly appointed EVP-Tech at IIFL outlines his plan of transformation for India Infoline group. ?Our roadmap includes working on main 4 pillars, Zero tolerance, customer experience, information security and orchestration? he says. He trusts that automation will help him achieve business goals with reduced cost.?

How has IIFL leveraged modern day tech as AI, ML?

At IIFL we look at AI and ML as business enhancement tools. We discuss and deliberate internally to see whether we are utilizing every bit of data that we possess, to enhance our business. Our philosophy is, every data that is saved should eventually give some insight back to business, which can further be used to enhance business & customer experience. Currently we are using chatbot across business to handle queries from external customers. We also use it internally for our employees, to help them with IT, Admin, HR-related queries. Other areas where we are currently using AI/ML include data analytics for customers, network monitoring, Cognitive technology for attendance system using face recognition with geo fencing. We are also exploring RPA for a few use cases to optimize resource dependency.

How are you using technology to enhance customer experience and internal operation??

In our digital journey, we are giving equal weightage to both our internal customers i.e., our employees and our external customers. For our customers we have the chatbots, which have created as an alternate way for customers to reach us. This has reduced the human dependencies that we had earlier.?

The customers can contact our chatbots and get most of the queries answered out from there. We have contact centres as well from where they can get their queries answered. The contact centres run on the analytics platform wherein the customer feedback is taken and the customer support team gets back to the customer to recheck satisfaction levels.?

We use technology tools and processes to enhance the internal customer experience. On the digital front, we are one of the early adopters of Tablet systems wherein the customers can be served at their own doorstep rather than the customer having to walk upto the branches to get serviced. Today most of our branches work purely on Tablets. The relationship managers reach out to the customers to serve them. This helps immensely in increasing the customer experience since they are getting service at their doorstep. This adoption would not have been possible without active use of technology.

How are you ensuring data security??

The security awareness levels are heightened considering the scenarios across the financial industry with the threat vectors that everyone is facing today. The very basic thing for data protection is to follow the basic hygiene fundamentals i.e. basic hardening, patching, data classification and access control. The access to the data is strictly role based. Data access is allowed to the people who are authorized to access for official purposes. Apart from that, there are multiple technology solutions implemented and an in-house team that monitors 24x7 to detect anomalies quickly so that we can prevent external threats before it?s too late. That?s how we keep our environment secured.?

Talk to us about the IT security infrastructure that you have.?

IT security is implemented in 3 different layers. We have tightened the perimeters, since that?s from where one can get inside out network. Multiple technology solutions at all layers have been implemented to prevent from any external / internal threats. We keep monitoring the network traffic pattern, the security operation center which runs 24*7 so that anomalies can be captured immediately to take action. Another aspect is the internal threat. The activities of people need to be monitored very closely. We use data analytics internally to observe the changing user behavior patterns.?

There is also a robust Data Leak Prevention (DLP) system implemented. The DLP solution is implemented at 3 layers ? at the email gateway, at the internet gateway and on end points - so that there is no way the data can move out of the systems. Encryption of data at rest and data in motion is implemented to ensure no one has visibility of data. Cybersecurity awareness to employees is regular process to be able to spot and prevent data breaches.

What is the roadmap ahead for IIFL??

We have defined roadmap of technology and security focus areas. It is based on four pillars. First pillar is the Zero Tolerance. The zero tolerance tower has focus areas of Availability, Standardization and Consolidation. This will ensure the setup is always available to the customer so that we can serve them 24*7. That?s the first and foremost thing that we are looking for in the roadmap.?

Second Pillar is the Customer Experience. This tower will focus on innovations and implementing future technologies to enhance the customer experience by delivering the services through superior technology.

Information security is the third pillar in the roadmap which we are focusing so that information security is given key importance from the design, build and operation phase. This also includes that everything under technology comes under the compliance, get audited, governed by the GRC team, and is protected always.?

The fourth pillar is the Orchestration. Orchestration is to bring in more orientation, synergy and automation. This year we are working on many automation projects. We are working on the robotic process automation so that manual dependency reduces. Automation will also help us achieve cost reduction while providing better customer service. ?