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Stock research is critical in having a successful investing journey however, gathering all that information can take hours. With IIFL’s Advanced Research feature in partnership with Marketsmith, you can easily learn about the strengths and weaknesses of Indian equity stocks in a matter of minutes. The Advanced Research feature summarizes essential data that can help you forecast the future price of a stock consolidated from a “growth-oriented” investing method that has proven to have the ability to outperform Indices across the globe. This feature can help you create your own trading strategy or adapt this critical information to your own investing method. Moreover, the feature delivers daily and weekly market reports and commentary as well as important status changes when the market direction switches.

By subscribing to Advanced Research you will gain knowledge on the following topics: 

  • Pattern recognition: A visual representation of a stock chart that helps you identify patterns that showcase the optimal time to buy or sell a stock.
  • Stock Reports and lists: Consists of our special “Growth 50” list, derived from screens created by Marketsmith’s investment research team with over 15 years of experience. 
  • Market Commentary: A weekly summary report of the Indian equity markets consisting of noteworthy price action by stocks.
  • Model Portfolio: Learn the basics of portfolio investment alongside investing principles.
  • User Alerts: Alerts are primarily used to notify when a stock reaches a certain price point. This price level requires your attention as it may be a good time to buy or sell a stock suitable for investors who do not have the time to track fluctuations in the stock market. 

Advanced Research has four key sections that fully intend to support your investment decisions: Idea List, Evaluation, Market Outlook, and Model Portfolio.

Idea List:

Idea List offers a shortcut to (1) monitoring the stocks that you already own or are currently watching and (2) finding new stocks to buy that are based on your investing principles alongside pattern recognition. All users have access to the “Up on Volume” list associated with stocks that are increasing or decreasing in volumes by professional investors. 

The image above showcases the categorized idea list that contains stock-specific information. 


The evaluation contains stock-specific data. This information is used to validate a client's decision to buy, sell or to undergo further research. As the name suggests all stocks are evaluated and are given a score based on the following factors: 
(1) EPS Strength 
(2) Price Strength 
(3) Buyer Demand 

The section also includes organization-specific charts that showcase trade volumes and price support and resistance points determined by market experts truly helping our clients understand the best possible time to buy or sell a stock. Lastly, the details tab breaks down data to get a succinct understanding of the technical and fundamental information. 

The image is a screenshot from the evaluation view showcasing price expectations for the stock. Swiping right will lead to getting more information regarding the fundamentals and technicals. 

Market Outlook: 

The following section summaries weekly and monthly commentary on the conditions of the market. Understanding the general consensus of financial markets is always beneficial as it gives an idea regarding the growth of stocks as well as keeps you up-to-date with global industry-specific news that can be utilized to place short-term calls. 

Our partner posts regular updates. The image above is a short summary of what happened during the Union Budget 2020, relevant information that can be used to determine market movements. 

Model Portfolio:

Model Portfolio is primarily the best feature of our Advanced Research where our research analysts update on positions and on the changes we should make to our portfolio ensuring you take full advantage of the Indian equity markets. Moreover, the weekly commentary, part of the model portfolio includes a comparison of the overall performance of the portfolio against the National Stock Exchange. Similarly, it also includes noteworthy performance by stocks, technical changes, earnings, reccomendations and LOT more. 

Get The Top 5 Features After Subscribing: 

  • Full Chart Evaluation 

  • Buy & Sell Ranges  

  • Well Researched Stock Alerts 

  • India 47 Premium List 

  • Weekly Handwritten Model Portfolio Commentary 

To subscribe to this amazing feature, download and create an account with the IIFL Markets app. Go to the more section and scroll down to Advanced Research and click on the Upgrade now button. HAPPY INVESTING!

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