Online IPO update - IPO now with Modify/Cancel feature

Jan 22, 2021 7:30 AM 573 views

A good news for all the IPO applicants who use our trading platforms to place IPO requests. As part of IIFL securities, we always try to support as many use cases as possible.  We have come up with a Modify/Cancel feature wherein you can modify or cancel the IPO request placed online from any of our web platforms viz. TTweb and IIFL markets mobile app.

The online application is very simple and now you can modify/cancel the request anytime during the IPO window.

Process of IPO application and modification/cancellation:

1. You need to login to TTweb/ IIFL markets app using your valid credentials.

2. Go to Market > IPO/FPO/Bonds option

3. Click on “Apply”.

4. Fill in all the required details such as Investor type, UPI id, Bid quantity and Bid price.

5. Once all the details are filled, click on “Submit” to make sure the application gets submitted. You will receive a confirmation box.

6. Suppose you wish to Modify/Cancel the application submitted, you can now see the button for “Modify/Cancel” as shown below:

7. You will be able to change the bid quantity and bid price and submit the application again.

8. In case you wish to cancel the application altogether, you need to simply click on “Cancel Bid” button. This will delete your application request of IPO.

To know more about the online IPO process, refer to our previous article here.

Happy Trading!

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