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Recently, IIFL has launched the swing trader feature in our markets app. Having read that you must be wondering what is swing trading? And why have we released such a feature? To answer the second question first, as a broker we have realized that trading acts as a secondary income for most individuals. Unlike most organizations we were not inclined to giving out trading signals, however, we realized that our clients (you guys!) do not have the time or background to spend hours learning the fundamentals and technicals of trading and hence we decided to release our most awaited feature; The Swing Trader! To put it in a straightforward manner the swing trader feature will be accessible by all our clients where they will be able to copy our trades that have been analyzed and suggested by professional analysts with over 15 years of extensive experience in the financial markets. 

So what is swing trading? Swing trading has been described as a technical method of trading wherein positions are held for longer than a single day, which is the major differentiating factor between day trading. Swing trading has a relatively slower pace of trading that limits stress, increases confidence and flexibility to trade.         

Key factors associated with swing trader

  • Swing trading involves holding a position for a couple days to several weeks
  • This strategy mainly looks at long-term charts and trends
  • Allows individuals to participate in the markets without having to sit in front a screen all day scanning for potential trades.

It is a common belief that swing trading exposes you to more risk, however that can be managed by using a stop loss. Moreover, while a day trader may risk ₹500 to make ₹1500, a swing trader may be able to risk the same ₹500 to make ₹4000 or more while being exposed to the same risk in comparison to a day trader. 

The main goal of swing trading is to identify trends in the market which are then used to capture profits. Researchers have indicated that following or adopting a swing trading strategy is great for new traders as it familiarizes them with the trading psychology that results in consistent long-term profit. 

As mentioned earlier, IIFL can play a critical role in generating profits for you.Yes you read the right! Hurry up and complete the following steps

  • Open a demat account with IIFL and access our markets app
  • Successfully login as a client In the menu option click on “Swing Trader”
  •  Subscribe for a small fee of ₹3500 quarterly and ₹7000 yearly and enjoy profitable trades for the rest of your life! 


The image below represents IIFL markets app main menu. Upon clicking on the swing trader feature a drop down menu as shown in the image will appear. 
Note: Because we care for all our clients and want them to be sure about purchasing our features we offer a 10 day FREE TRIAL! 

The current trades section part of the swing trader feature is where all active trades are posted. The icon “In Buy Zone” in the image below indicates that users can now place their orders keeping in mind the correct risk management tools applied. The “N” icon showcases that a new trade has been posted. The percentage increase or decrease is calculated based on the market movement and price listed below the scrip name. Following the current trades page can generate a sustainable secondary income for you and your family.

The following page will occur after clicking on a stock in the current trades section. This page gives extensive details concerning one stock concerning the main objective, buy or sell trade, stop loss and earnings due date. Trades executed to perfection!

The past trades section succinctly displays all orders that have been closed. Users will get an alert when orders need to be closed or when targets have been reached. As you can see the timeline varies but the gains are constant.


What are the key features of IIFL’s Swing Trader?
Entry price, exit price, stop loss and regular updates.

Which option will clients use to find trades?
The current trades feature will have information of all new trades and when to place an order. The past trades section will consist of all trades that have been closed.

What is the risk reward ratio?
This solely depends on the client. However, we do encourage using a stop loss and take profit to ensure proper risk management.

What is the success ratio?
The success ratio depends on market movements, however we aim to achieve a 4%-10% profit margin and a 2%-3% stop loss.

What strategy has IIFL implemented?
Although there are multiple strategies in place, our team of analysts picks trades based fundamental and technical analysis and CANSLIM’s strategy.

To access this amazing feature please click here to open an account!

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