Introducing Smallcases on IIFL Securities

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What is smallcase?

Smallcases are a new way to invest in stocks. A smallcase is an intelligently weighted basket of upto 50 stocks that reflects a theme, idea or strategy. 

This theme, idea or strategy of smallcases are centered around:

  • A trending market theme like rising rural demand or 
  • A financial model like zero debt or
  • You can choose a Smallcase based on a theme that you are positive like any sector or industry,

Invest in it in 3 clicks and track & manage multiple portfolios seamlessly. 

Note - Smallcases aren't a means of recommending or advising investors. Choosing a Smallcase is upto each individual.

Smallcases are for everyone:

  • New Investors: Smallcases are researched by SEBI-licensed professionals, so a new investor does not have to research for the right stock instead can pick the smallcase that is designed for beginners. 
  • Mutual Fund investor: Ever felt the need to make your own decisions when you invest in mutual funds? Be your own fund manager with smallcases
  • Stock investor: Stop tracking stocks on a spreadsheet, think smallcase - create your own smallcase with stocks of your choice and track them under one smallcase. You can also set up a SIP seamlessly.

How are smallcases better than Mutual funds?

  • Provides direct ownership of stocks as stocks are delivered to demat acc
  • Cost-efficient as there are no fees deducted from your capital
  • Transparent as you can see where they have invested anytime, anywhere
  • Complete control as you can add/remove stocks or create your own smallcases
  • Liquid instruments as there are no lock-in periods
  • Set up SIPs for a disciplined investing approach

How can you access smallcase?

Smallcases are accessible to IIFL users through various trading platforms like TTWeb, TTExe & IIFL Markets application. 

1. How to buy smallcase on TT WEB

Step 1: Open TTweb on browser & login with the valid credentials 

Step 2: After login, click the last “Smallcase” tab to view smallcase IIFL recommended smallcases.  A user can also click ‘Discover all Smallcases’ option to explore more than 50+ smallcases that depict a particular theme, idea or strategy.

Step 3: After the user click "Discover all Smallcases" the user will be direct to a page where one can explore more than 50+ smallcases based on themes, ideas or strategies.

Step 4: Click on the smallcase you want to invest in & press Buy Smallcase button to confirm your order


2. How to buy smallcase on TT EXE & TT Manager

Step 1: Login with your credentials

Step 2: Click on the “SmallCases tab” 

Step 3: Click on the smallcase you want to invest in & press "Buy Smallcase" button and confirm Your order



3. How to buy smallcase on IIFL Markets app?

Buying a smallcase on IIFL Markets app is as simple as having a piece of cake. All you need to do is login using your credentials. 

Step 1: Go to “Menu” and click “Smallcase”

Step 2: You will be directed to a page that has a list of popular smallcase. To find more small cases, click “Discover Smallcases”. 


Step 3: Click the small case which you are willing to buy and hit the “Buy Smalllcase” to place the order

So, what are you waiting for? Explore all the smallcases now and choose the one that reflects your idea or strategy. There is one smallcase for everyone. As it is crafted by professionals, there is surety of the quality of every stock in each basket.

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