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We have been working vigorously over the past year to provide the best trading experience to all our clients. Therefore we thought it would be great to give you an update on our latest features and how they can help you in your trading journey.    

  • Lightening fast market data: Did you know our app has lightning fast market data where you can track price updates in real-time without any delays, on our “Watchlist" and throughout the app. The computer servers that we have implemented can now help you execute and trade in milliseconds. Click here to start tracking.   
  • Stock screeners: Screeners are a great tool that uses pre-determined metrics to filter stocks that perform well over time. This tool helps investors analyze enumerated stocks in a short time span, which makes it possible to eradicate stocks that do not meet the needs of a user. Click here to start screening. 
  • Detailed company information: Simply go to a company page to access critical information that will help you learn more about an organization you are about to invest in and understand organization-specific financial data that is used by professional analysts to predict the price of a stock. Click here to get make proficient investment decisions. 
  • Fast, intuitive and real-time charts: Utilizing our charts will ensure that you experience world-class trading giving you the full bandwidth of professional trading tools and charts. A huge benefit is that our data speed enables real-time updates so that you can view price fluctuations on our chart every second. All you have to do is go to a company page and click the “Advanced Chart” button. 
  • Market buzz: News plays an integral role in the stock market, having the ability to cause changes in the price of a stock, therefore tracking the news can help develop investment ideas or opportunities. On our app, the “Market Buzz” section provides real-time news updates that can help you gain an overview of the market, consisting of results for specific stocks alongside industry-related news. Start reading now!
  • Stock market research tools: The “Advanced Research” & “Swing Trader” feature are perfect tools providing in-depth research on over 2700 stocks. If you would like to gain extensive knowledge about a stock with evaluations, price trends and much more, the advanced research feature would be apt for you. In addition, the swing trader provides trading ideas and signals generated by our in-house analyst with over 15 years of experience. All you have to do is wait for an update from our analysts and place the trade to earn profits. These features really do simplify trading! Click here to get access now. 
  • Price alert & Notification Center: Our “Notification Center” gives users alerts concerning trades that they could potentially place alongside the price point to book profit. Similarly, if a user wants to track the price of a stock they can simply set a ‘Price Alert.” When the stock reaches the price they have set they will be notified. Making use of this saves an ample amount of time creating efficiencies within the trading process. Click here to get notified.
  • Expert advised stock recommendations: The “Smallcase” feature is an intelligently picked and researched basket of stocks that reflects a trading idea and strategy. All you have to do is pick a smallcase with trading objectives that suit you. Likewise, the “Ideas” section provides potential trade ideas that can generate profit upon investing. Click here to explore trading strategies.
  • Virtual trading: If you are new to trading the “Virtual trader” feature is ideal for you. It is a method of simulated trading where investing can be practiced within the financial markets without using real money. This gives a sense of the markets and helps in avoiding risks and generate profits. Click here to practice now. 
  • Live support: If you have any questions or queries “Ask IIFL” is your go-to place. Our support team is active 24/7 helping all our clients in an attempt to improve their trading experience. Click here to ask now. 
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