Alternative Investment Funds

IIFL Multi Strategy Fund

Investment Strategy :

IIFL Multi-Strategy Fund aims to invest in listed equities based on three investment themes – Multicap theme, Large/Mid Cap theme, and Small Cap theme. The product gives access to multiple investment themes in one fund and diversifies portfolio across sectors and market capitalization. The strategies are selected and continuously monitored by in-house expertise. This product also provides seamless execution without any impact costs (exit loads) and operational hassles of multiple products.

Key Terms :

Features Description
Type Category III Alternative Investment Fund, Close Ended
Initial Drawdown 25% of the committed amount
Subsequent Drawdown 15% of the committed, payable bimonthly through auto-debit required using NACH mandate
Redemption Frequency Weekly
Administration Expense The Administration Expenses of the Fund shall not exceed 0.15% per annum on daily net assets (“Administration Expenses”)
Setup/ Placement Fee Up to 2% of the aggregate Capital Commitment
Benchmark S&P BSE 500

Share Class :

Share Class Minimum Commitment Total Management Expense
(on daily net assets)
Class A1 ₹ 1 to ₹ 5 crores 2.50% per annum
Class A2 ₹ 5 to ₹ 15 crores 2.25% per annum
Class A3 ₹ 15 cores to ₹ 25 crores 1.75% per annum
Class A4 ₹ 25 Crore and above 1.50% per annum

IndiaBulls AIF

Investment Strategy :

  • Investment in pre-leased commercial real estate assets
  • Quarterly income through rental yield and capital appreciation on exit
  • Diversified portfolio with 5-6 Grade A investments
  • Improved exit valuations due to structuring of transactions and moderation in interest rate cycles
  • Ticket Size of Investment- ` 100-200 crores

Key Terms :

In addition to the superior structuring of Indiabulls Dual Advantage Commercial Advantage Fund, key USPs as below -

  1. Indiabulls Group - One of the leading real estate developers in the country, owns and actively manages over 5 million square feet of rental/lease business.
  2. Dual Rating – Rated “CARE AAA (AIF)” and “IVR AAA(AIF)” AIF Fund.
  3. Loan against AIF Units – only fund to extend liquidity against AIF units up to 85% of the commitment amount, without any processing fee or penalty

Our First fund – Indiabulls Real Estate Fund successfully raised INR 600 crores and fully deployed the same across 5 projects in a short span of 9 months, the fund has paid 11 consecutive quarterly payouts to investor as per schedule.

Second Fund – Indiabulls High Yield Fund launched in May 2016, has currently raised over INR 650 crores and deployed over 80% of the proceeds in 4 high yield real estate projects. The fund has a AAA rating from CARE and has made 6 quarterly payouts to investors.

IIFL Special Opportunities Fund Series 7

Investment Strategy :

  • Pre-IPO – The fund would be investing into unlisted companies in the Pre-IPO stage. These would be those companies which are in the pipeline for IPO and would be listing in the coming months.
  • IPO through Anchor or QIB route – The fund due to its nature would be able to invest in IPOs as an Anchor investor or through the QIB route thereby increasing the yield on capital during times of over-subscription.
  • Investments post IPO – The Fund can also invest in select opportunities post IPO like:
    • Special Corporate events like QIP, Preferential allotment, FPO, Open Offer, Buy Back and Mergers.
    • Invest in IPO shares post listing if available at attractive valuations.

Key Terms :

  • Term: Up to 42 months from final close; option to extend by 1 year subject to approval of two-thirds of the unit holders by value of their investment in the Alternative Investment Fund
  • Drawdown Period: 18 months from the initial closing date, with the discretion of the Investment Manager to extend the draw down period
  • Upfront Drawdown: 35% of the Commitment Amount or such other amount as may be decided by the Investment Manager
  • Drawdown Schedule: 30-35% every 2-3 months (subject to availability of investment avenues with the fund manager)

Housing Advantage Fund: A category III

Investment Strategy :

The fund intends to capitalize on opportunities emerging from (a) slew of initiatives taken by the Government to boost Housing for All and (b) Distressed opportunities created post Demonetization and GST. As a part of the investment strategy, Housing Advantage fund will take leverage (max leverage of 1:1) enhance post tax returns. The investment portfolio of the fund shall be similar to India Housing Fund

Allocation Sector Wise :

  PMAY – CLSS 80 IBA Mid-Income Housing Mid-Income Housing
Fund Allocation Upto 30% Upto 50% Upto 50% Upto 30%

Key Terms :

Structure Category III Alternative Investment Fund
Target Fund Size INR 2,000 Cr
Sponsor Commitment 5% or INR 10 Cr whichever is lower
Fund Term 5 years from the date of final closing*, with possible extension of 1+1 year, subject to approval of two-thirds of the unit holders by value of their investment in the fund
Drawdown Tenure Up to 24 months from the close of Initial Closing
Initial Contribution 25% of the Commitment Amount
Target Return1 (Gross IRR) 24-26% per annum( pre-tax post expenses) in INR terms