Interest Rates and Charges

IIFL offers the Samman Loan Against Property at an attractive and competitive interest rate, starting from 16%*.

Other rates and charges are as follows

Processing FeeUpto 2.00 % of loan amount
Collateral Evaluation Charges in Non-APF HL & non HLRs 3000-25000/- depending on loan amount
Transaction/Legal Handling charges in Balance TransferRs 2500/-
CERSAI FeesRs 100/-(for Loans>5Lacs)
Rs 50/-(for Loans<=5Lacs)
ACH Dishonour ChargesRs500/- for each ACH bounce - Nil on Representation of ACH
Late Payment Charges36% per Annum of Outstanding EMI
ACH Swapping chargesRs 500/- per instance
Retrieval charges for original property document in IIFL custody (before loan closure)Rs 2000
Retrieval charges for original property documents in IIFL custody at the time of loan closure OR
Rs 1000/- per instance for loans upto Rs 1 cr AND  

more than 2 documents retrieved during tenor of loan
Rs 2000/- per instance for loans > Rs 1 cr
Retrieval charges for Copies of loan /copies of property document in IIFL custodyRs 500/- per instance
Charges for Statement Of Account / Amortization ScheduleNil
Collection Visit ChargesRs 500/- per instance
Issuance of FC statementRs 500/- (for 2 instances within 1 month)
Custodial Fee for property documents in closed loansRs 500/- Per month (post 60 Days from Loan Closure Date)

Prepayment Charges

The prepayment charges for Samman Loan are as follows:

For Individuals
During Fixed TenorFloating Rate
For Full Prepayment5%Nil
For Part Prepayment5%Nil

The above Grid is applicable only in case of Funds sourced from own sources.

For Non-Individuals
 From 12 months of 1st disbursementPost 12 months of 1st disbursement
Pre-payment Charges5%1%
 From 36 months of 1st disbursementFrom 37 Months to 60 months of 1st disbursementPost 60 months of 1st disbursement
Full Payment Charges5%4%3%

Note: *All charges, interest, tax, fee, GST and all other imposts, taxes, levies etc. as prescribed by any statutory/regulatory bodies from time to time shall be solely borne by the Borrower. The above mentioned charges, fees, GST etc areas on date of the Loan Agreement and other transaction documents and the charges above stated are subject to change from time to time. GST is applicable over & above the charges specified above.

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