Permission for Bureau Check

  1. I hereby declare that every information already provided by me or as may be provided hereinafter are true and updated. I have not withheld or modified any part of such information.
  2. I agree that the right to grant any credit facility lies with IIFL at its sole discretion and IIFL holds the right to reject my application at any time. I agree that IIFL shall not be responsible for any such rejection or any delay in intimating its decision.
  3. I agree and accept that IIFL may in its sole discretion, by itself or through authorized persons, advocate, agencies, bureau, etc. verify any information given, check credit references, employment details and obtain credit reports or other KYC related documents.
  4. I hereby authorize IIFL to exchange, share or part with all the information as provided by me or as may be provided by me with any of the group companies, banks, financial institutions, credit bureaus, statutory bodies or any entity as may required from time to time as deem fit by IIFL. I shall not hold IIFL liable for sharing any such information.
  5. I hereby undertake to immediately inform IIFL regarding any change in information provided to IIFL by me.
  6. I would like to know through telephonic calls/SMSs on my mobile number mentioned in this application form or through any other communication mode, various loan schemes, promotional offers of IIFL and I authorize IIFL, its employees or its agents to act accordingly. I confirm that laws in relations to the unsolicited communications referred in 'National Do Not Call Registry' as laid down by Telecom Regulatory Authority of India shall not be applicable to such communications/ telephonic calls/SMSs received from IIFL, its employees or its agents

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