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Mumbai | January 27 2016 10 : 30 IST | Business Standard

Top seed Shardul Gagare of Maharashtra became India's latest Grandmaster after registering his third successive win by defeating B Sekar in a third-round match of the IIFL Wealth Mumbai International Open Chess Tournament on Saturday.
The pre-requisite for a Grandmaster title is to achieve three International Norms and the rating of 2,500.
The 18-year-old Gagare from Ahmednagar district commenced the tournament with an International ELO rating of 2497, needing precious three rating points to touch the magical mark of 2,500, which he achieved with a convincing third-round win over Sekar.
Sharing the lead with him were International Masters Swapnil Dhopade, Stany GA, Nitin S and Himanshu Sharma.
In the International Juniors event being held concurrently, top-seeded FIDE Master Mohammad Fahad Rahman of Bangladesh was in joint lead with two points from as many wins.
Sharing the lead with him were Sadhwani Raunak, Sankalp Gupta, D Gukesh, Aditya Mittal and Mendonca Leon Luke.
This 171-player nine-round International Junior event has participants from six countries. The event runs till February 5.
Results: Seniors (Round 3):
B Sekar (2) lost to Shardul Gagare (3), Swapnil S Dhopade (3) bt A Ra Harikrishnan (2), R Praggnanandhaa (2) lost to G A Stany (3), S Nitin (3) bt Chirag Satkar (2), Vinay Kumar Matta (2) lost to Himanshu Sharma (3), Bhosale Snehal (2.5) drew with Khamparia Akshat (2.5), Ketan Boricha (2) lost to Himal Gusain (3), Bhavik C Bharambe (3) bt Vikramaditya Kulkarni (2), Vinayak Kulkarni (2.5) drew with A L Muthaiah (2.5), Niranjan Navalgund (2.5) drew with Ameya Audi (2.5).
Juniors (Round 2, Indians unless specified):
Mohammad Fahad Rahman (Ban) 2 bt Vincent Alaina (1), Adane Narayani (1) lost to Sadhwani Raunak (2), Sankalp Gupta (2) bt Gavade Atharv (1), Bhuta Hriday (1) lost to Gukesh D (2), Shelke Sankarsha (2) bt Antony Jesumarian Leslie (1), Kannan Pranav (1) lost to Aditya Mittal (2), Alok Sinha (2) bt Avathanshu Bhat (1), Jain Ashwat (1) lost to Shuban Saha (2), Mendonca Leon Luke (2) bt Kriti Mayur Patel (1), Vansh Aggarwal (1) lost to Om Kharola (2).

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