About the conference

New digital interventions are radically reshaping businesses and breaking traditional business models. They are disrupting value chains and compelling businesses to rethink nearly everything they do.

However, adapting and transforming with these disruptions, do bring unprecedented opportunities that can help businesses graduate from small time players to long term winners. Businesses that unlock value and embrace the exciting new possibilities created by disruptions can successfully navigate through the world of digital disruptions and stay ahead of the curve.


Nilesh shah

Nilesh Shah

Managing Director, Kotak Mahindra Asset Management Co Ltd

Nilesh Shah has over 25 years of experience in capital markets and market-related investments, having managed funds across equity, fixed income securities and real estate for local and global investors.

Nirmal Jain

Nirmal Jain

Founder & Chairman, IIFL Group

Nirmal Jain, Founder and Chairman of IIFL Group, is a first generation entrepreneur, who is credited with building one of the largest financial services groups in India in just about two decades.

Mr R Venkataraman

R Venkataraman

Co-Promoter & Managing Director, IIFL Holdings Ltd

One of the leading thought leaders in Indian financial services, Mr. R. Venkataraman has held senior positions at ICICI Limited, Barclays - BZW and G E Capital Services, before joining the Board of IIFL Holdings Limited in July 1999.

Mr Apoorva Tiwari

Chintan Modi

Head, Partner Business

A seasoned professional, Mr. Chintan Modi has been associated with IIFL Holdings since 2000 in various capacities. He has meaningfully contributed in managing Equity, Commodity, Currency and other businesses within IIFL.

Kushe Bahl

Kushe Bahl

Partner - McKinsey & Co.

Leading McKinsey’s Digital Practice in India, Mr. Kushe Bahl has been associated with the company for 22 years. Prior to this, he has also led the Telecom, Media and Technology Practice as well as Retail Practice. As part of the Digital Practice, he has created a “Build-Operate-Transfer" service line for Internet companies as well as traditional clients.