Looking Ahead with Technological Wave

Apr 06, 2017 5:00 IST 8198 views

Hello folks there, today I want to discuss with you how technology lives in our heart. When I visit a shopping mall, I notice the father and his son playing the same video game, the mother and her daughter browsing the same mobile phone. Technology is dynamic and it changes the culture – the sum total of our surroundings. Terms & technologies such as straight through processing, artificial intelligence (AI), process automation, robotics, block chain or distributed ledgers are all connected to Meta intent to modernize and enhance the industry’s productivity.

Today each and every type of business is leveraging the technology and it is playing a game changing role in our housing finance sector also. The technology is integrating deep into all businesses to make them more efficient. 

Working with a housing finance company, I believe technology has always been at the heart of our way of doing business. With enhanced penetration of internet and mobile phones among people, we are increasing our digital footprints across locations without having to be physically present. 

Technology has become an integral part for the entire loan cycle- from on boarding till post sales. Customer has a lot of power today with a Smartphone- to actually browse websites of various financial players and ascertain his eligibility and the best deal. Customer can display his interest for a Home Loan through a single click and within few minutes, he receives call back. Today, there is no need for the home loan applicants to visit the branches. Instead, the employees of financial institutions visit the customer with Tablets to onboard them in the real time.

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