• Foreign investors surprised by the strength in Indian market, says H Nemkumar of IIFL

    Mumbai | September 05 2018 14 : 00 IST | CNBC TV18

    Foreign investors have been surprised by the strength in the Indian market, said H Nemkumar, head of institutional equities at IIFL, adding that many emerging markets are getting hurt with ove...

  • India a great investment destination for investors for next 3-5 years, says IIFL

    Mumbai | September 04 2018 13 : 12 IST | CNBC TV18

    Investors are looking at India as a great investment destination for next 3-5 years, said Nirmal Jain, chairman of IIFL, adding that the country looks attractive despite oil and rupee crisis. Ho...

  • IIFL’s Nirmal Jain Says 25-30% Growth Not Difficult For NBFCs

    Mumbai | August 08 2018 12 : 38 IST | BloombergQuint

    Private sector banks and non-banking financial companies that are established and can raise capital are expected to meet the huge credit demand in the economy as public sector lenders struggle for ...

  • Here’s Why Nirmal Jain Is Bullish On AMCs

    Mumbai | August 06 2018 12 : 47 IST | BloombergQuint

    The Indian asset management industry could surpass the trillion-dollar milestone in the next 10 years. That's the word coming in from Nirmal Jain, the founder and chairman of IIFL Group. "The In...

  • R Venkataraman, MD & Co-Promoter of IIFL Group is "Business World Best CEO"

    Mumbai | July 24 2018 10 : 36 IST | Business World

    For R. Venkataraman, co-founder and MD of IIFL Holdings, growth opportunities in the area of financial services is huge. Reason? Abysmally low penetration in the financial services sector that incl...

  • Nirmal Jain EXCLUSIVE: India’s rise unstoppable, says IIFL Chairman; shares major stock market triggers in 2018

    Mumbai | July 03 2018 14 : 30 IST | Financial Express

    Narendra Modi government’s demonetisation triggered financialisation of savings, which in turn helped the stock markets and mutual funds industry to bloom further, says Nirmal Jai...

  • IIFL Group should not require any further dilution in near term: Nirmal Jain

    Mumbai | June 21 2018 13 : 23 IST | Economic Times

    The outlook for wealth business in India is excellent as old wealth managed by family chartered accountants is now coming under professional management, said Nirmal Jain, chairman, IIFL Group, a da...

  • India way beyond scams & disruptions; economy still growing: IIFL's Nirmal Jain

    | February 20 2018 18 : 49 IST | CNBC TV18

    Even as the market continues to take a hit, largely a sentimental one due to the scam surrounding Punjab National Bank that came to light last week, IIFL's Nirmal Jain asks investors to cut through...

  • IIFL - The Prudent Financier

    | August 16 2017 14 : 30 IST | Outlook Business

    'First impression is the last impression’ goes the age-old adage. And it seems like Mumbai-based IIFL Holdings, had left an indelible mark on one of its institutional broking clients, Fairfax Finan...

  • Sell the family jewels before they lose their lustre

    Mumbai | July 12 2017 17 : 45 IST | Economic Times

    All of us know about the 2G scam in telecom and Supreme Court's damning order based on a notional loss of Rs 1.7 lakh crore. Let me give you an example of a much bigger actual loss in the same sect...


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