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  • IIFL Holdings demerger likely in Q1FY20

    Mumbai | January 27 2019 16 : 31 IST | The Economic Times

    "By separating them, we will allow them to grow to their full potential," Chairman Nirmal Jain had said earlier. 

  • IIFL Finance set to raise Rs2,000 cr via retail bonds

    Mumbai | January 16 2019 11 : 28 IST | The Economic Times

    IIFL Finance, backed by the UK-based CDC Group, is set to raise up to Rs 2,000 crore in public bond issuances as it seeks to increase the share of long-term borrowings in its total debt. The bon...

  • IIFL Finance to raise up to Rs2,000 crore via bonds

    Mumbai | January 17 2019 14 : 57 IST | CNBC TV18

    India Infoline Finance Limited (IIFL Finance), a subsidiary of IIFL Holdings Limited, will open a public issue of bonds on January 22 to raise up to Rs2,000 crore for business growth and expansion....

  • IIFL's Nirmal Jain is optimistic on general election outcome, expects second half of 2019 to be good

    Mumbai | January 02 2019 11 : 29 IST |

    Nirmal Jain, founder and chairman of IIFL Group, shared his views and outlook on what's in store for markets this year. "If you see historically, whenever we had bad year in terms of market perf...

  • The scare of defaults by NBFCs has now passed: Nirmal Jain, IIFL Holdings

    Mumbai | December 20 2018 12 : 21 IST | The Economic Times

    The financial services industry is poised for exponential growth, driven by domestic expansion, demonetisation and digitisation, which has prompted IIFL Holdings to split its business uni...

  • NBFCs Loosening Purse Strings as Liquidity Rises

    Mumbai | December 19 2018 12 : 26 IST | The Economic Times

  • Housing for all: IIFL lends a hand with Rs440 crore loans

    Mumbai | December 10 2018 16 : 52 IST | The Economic Times

    India's dream of providing housing for all by 2022 got a leg-up, with IIFL Home Finance disbursing over Rs 440 crore to close to 20,000 beneficiaries under the Credit Linked Subsidy Scheme (CLSS) o...

  • Views of IIFL Group Chairman Nirmal Jain on developments at RBI

    Mumbai | December 11 2018 11 : 05 IST | The Economic Times

  • NBFC sector plays a vital role in economy's growth and is here to stay: Nirmal Jain, IIFL

    Mumbai | November 30 2018 17 : 09 IST | The Economic Times

  • India is a great market for investors looking at 3-5 years or more: Nirmal Jain, IIFL

    Mumbai | November 30 2018 13 : 19 IST | The Economic Times

    Most large, high quality investors are serious about India and are looking for opportunity in terms of valuations, stability and environment, Nirmal Jain, Founder & Chairman, IIFL, te...


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